How to Market your Business for FREE – Grow your Small Business

Creating a Successful Small Business


🌻 How to price skincare products –

00:00 intro
00:45 marketing with instagram
04:45 instagram reels & tiktoks
07:50 instagram stories
09:40 youtube – be your own influencer
14:25 pinterest
15:15 reach out to smaller influencers
18:10 patreon shout outs

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  1. Thanks for sharing information you teach us but also brings confidence on buy your products because it's showing how clean, dedicated and care you have.

  2. I really wish I could explain to you what you really have done for me…you have gave me the confidence to put myself out there..I'm a single mother of two beautiful girls. Head chef working ungodly hours.. never would I have had the nerve to take my hobbies into business..I was always to afraid of what people would think.. sometimes I'm still guilty of this. But you have given me the nerve to just do it. And now i actually have something that I take full Pride in..I love cooking..but I don't want to be in a kitchen forever. Thank much..

  3. just a tip from someone who studies digital marketing, post the video on instagram reels first. if u post it with the tiktok logo, it decreases how many people see ur content.
    but great tips Tara

  4. This was very good and detailed advice. I have watched countless videos on this topic, and you gave really good examples, ideas, and motivation to help. Going to check out your other content too.

  5. Is there anyone that makes homemade hair or skin products in Florida? Apparently we need to pay $1700 for a manufacturers license, and buy or rent a building along with with a DBA or LLC (whichever route you choose)
    I cant work a regular job anymore due to having cyclic vomiting syndrome and moved to Florida recently but I can't take out any loans or wait 4 years to make my business legal…

  6. Hi Tara Lee, I love what you said. Yes Instagram hates when people are led away from their platform. I feel them making it where people shop on Instagram kind of takes way from people having their own websites. I want to build my own list of consumers because they are their to get what I’ve worked so hard to put out. I love the info you provide you’re amazing and have really good Insites

  7. Just a suggestion for anyone who is making digital content, please know that TikTok is banned in India. So if you have more of viewers/followers from India, they will be consuming your content on YT, FB, Insta

  8. Yeah, I don't like when people say that "You're creating your own competition" because you're giving out information to help others. No one is the same so therefore no one's products are going to be the same unless you're just that lazy and among so many different other things. I do thank you for all your help the you are giving. You are helping me create skin care products for my daughter who has bad eczema. So that you so much Tara for not being like others and listening to others. You rock.

  9. Pinecrest is a cross between a digital bulletin board and a internet browser bookmark folder. Some probably also use it as a digital vision board. Unfortunately most the links are broken on Pinecrest so it just creates frustration and could be done better. I'm not a fan, but I know a lot of people do see it as a place to get ideas/inspiration.

  10. I been watching you for a year now & you have taught me so much. I appreciate you so much Tara. You don’t understand how much you helped ALOT of us. It doesn’t matter how much info you share your business will continue to grow & be more successful because of how selfless you are! & you deserve it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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