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Consider this the ultimate guide to rendering the best tallow ever. It’s no secret that I love tallow! Nutrient dense, versatile… it is amazing stuff. Today I’m sharing my method on how to render and purify tallow so that it is odorless and white. 

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  1. Great Video! I i just have one question. I understand the water and salt purifies the tallow, but I am curious when the tallow is done being purified, does any salt remain inside the tallow? The reason I ask is because I want to cook and bake with purified tallow because i hate the beef smell but I am concerned about the salt because of a health issue I have. Is some, a lot, or none of the salt remain inside the tallow in the finished product? Thank you so much for this video – you really helped me a lot. Just subscribed!

  2. Excellent video! I just use the fat from 75% ground beef that I brown ( before seasoning the beef). I recently browned 15 lbs of ground beef ( canner ☺️) and got almost1 1/2- 2 pints of Tallow after clarifying. Maybe it’s not tallow but it came out white and hard after clarifying 3-4 times.

  3. Ended up here due to getting 3 lbs of suet to put bird seed in and melted it in the Microwave and kept all the bits in. Then I watched a few vids and realized I could have rendered some down for me, which I will do next time. Very nice and you had a little helper lending her cuteness! Adorable and an interesting vid. Learned a lot! Great job!

  4. Hi Marisa, I made some of your tallow soap and I absolutely love it! I made it with olive oil and coconut oil at 7% superfat and it makes a nice hard conditioning bar, but, I was wondering if I could add goat milk to it or even coconut milk?

  5. I just bought some tallow from, (thousand hills) out of Minnesota. Definitely has an odor. I didn't realize that it said to keep refrigerated and it doesn't say refrigerate after opening it just says keep refrigerated at all times and so I brought it home not realizing that and left it out in about a 79 degree apartment for 3 and 1/2 hours but then when I called the store they said it should be fine. When I looked it up on Google it said that tallow is fine at room temperature and can last three to six months at room temperature, or up to a year in the fridge. Do you think that 4 hours at 79 degree room temperature did anything bad to the tallow?

  6. You are amazing!! Your process is the best I've seen. I have made several batches and each is perfect. I have found that grinding the fat with my Kitchen Aide attachment gets great results. (looks like pink hamburger!) Any suggestions for what to do with the beef crumbles? Thank you!!

  7. Can I use Himalayan Salt or does it have to be the "WHITE" kind salt only??
    I don't want my finished tallow to take a pinkish hue from the pink Himalayan Salt. Thank you!!!

  8. Hi Marissa. Fab video. Thanks heaps. What do you recommend to use for the purifying part. I don’t have a fast/slow pressure cooker but even on lowest setting it exploded everywhere. I’m now doing in a pot on gas stove with a splash guard and lid on top. And it every now and then goes nuts and does a big explosion. Don’t have a slow cooker like yours. Help!!! PS Kia Ora from NZ!

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