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  1. I like ur intro. First video of yours that I watch. I searched the title in the search bar and clicked on urs. Liked the song and I tro. That was enough for me to subscribe lol

  2. so you have to buy an entirely new kart ? You can’t just swap coils? Sucks .
    I had some left but the coils tasted grosssssssss waste of pineapple express

  3. Yo i thought she was gonna use a syringe or sum and then she pulls up with only a lighter lmaoooooo I honestly thought it was gonna make a mess but I’m surprised it actually worked

  4. Lmao you're a life saver my hands were shaky just like yours but I managed to get every drop. I just bought a new cartridge but the threads are all fucked so you saved me $25

  5. I just filled a gram cartridge I bought at a smoke shop with some mango wax but it doesn’t taste good outta the pen for some reason. Kinda pissing me off because it’s burning the wax but doesn’t taste good. I took some wax outta the cart and hit it with a nector collector to see if it was just weak ass wax but no it was fire and it tasted bomb asf! Does this mean that the cartridge I bought is bad or burnt? I used it only this one time brand new and it didn’t taste good just wasted the wax if you ask me.

  6. nice video but you have a boof cart from before, the big chief brand with the wooden mouth piece tips are and have been known to be knock offs. be careful sis

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