How To Use CBD Massage Oil At Your Salon For Client Relaxation

Are you a salon owner or manager wondering how to boost your client experience (and revenue!) using CBD products? The #1 way…get it into your client’s hands – literally!

Remedy Salon and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona encourages their stylists to give their clients an upgrade experience that goes beyond just retail. As clients sit down in their stylist’s chair, they are handed an “upgrade list” that they can choose from, and on the list you can find a mini CBD hand massage using Simple Jane “On The Mend” CBD Massage Oil.

Not only is it a great way to welcome and relax clients, it allows the to try the product that might not have otherwise picked up in the retail area. The aromatherapy puts them in a relaxed mood, and the mini hand massage is the perfect way to allow them a chance to experience the benefits of the CBD oil in their hands while they’re completing their service.

When they are at the checkout counter, the stylists have the products up at the front waiting to show off to the client, to encourage them to take home their new favorite massage oil!

Remedy Salon and Spa also offers a CBD pedicure experience that they display with retail signage around the salon and at stations!

Find out more about adding Simple Jane CBD products to your salon and spa here:

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