I Didn't Know I Could Do This – Until Today!

Am I the only one who finds this annoying? Now I tell you how to get rid of it! You’re welcome! Out with the old and in with my #CBD gummies, My True 10 ! Find out what makes makes them so great – better and different than the rest – at

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  1. Clearly you don't want a throwback. You got the fame you wanted, abused it….. got canceled. I mean the past for you is not so great. For regular ppl the past is memories of loved ones who aren't here anymore. Memories are a chance to look at what you have become….. you know …. self reflection. If u still annoying af and chasing clout then you haven't grown.

  2. Some of my memories have ruined my day. I’ve gotten the “3 years ago” memory of my best friend who died in my arms. That legit fucked me up for a good week. I’m going right now to mute that shit. Good looking out, Fam!!

  3. Thank you! It's so annoying because posts you didn't give a shit about last year show up in your feed again. Argh! Not referring to your posts, just any posts.

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