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I’m getting my rant on about the skincare products I hate – well, mostly BS skincare marketing that I hate.

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In this video:
* Coffee scrubs
* Screen blue light protection products
* Jade rollers and gua sha tools
* SPF drops

Blue Light From Screens and Skin:
Protecting Your Skin From Visible Light:
Caffeine for cellulite and how much is in coffee scrubs:
Crystal industry:
Blog post with more info here:

Lab Muffin Beauty Science is a channel by me, Michelle – I’m a chemistry PhD and beauty lover, here to explain how beauty products work, debunk myths, and help you make smarter decisions about your skincare, hair and makeup!

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Blue Light From Screens and Skin:
Protecting Your Skin From Visible Light:
Caffeine for cellulite and how much is in coffee scrubs:
Is High SPF Sunscreen Better?
Chemical vs Physical Sunscreen:
Natural beauty products:
Using Sunscreen and Make-up Together:
Blog post for this video with more info:

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  1. I absolutely love gua sha but I was shocked to see the stones sold and what the marketing claims – my experience is that you need an experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner to get the (incredible) benefits of a gua sha facial. My practitioner uses a combination of acupuncture, gua sha, and light therapy in her TCM facials and cosmetic acupuncture, with great results. Me rubbing my face with a gua sha stone at home is pointless as I don't know anything about the lymph system or meridians or qi.

  2. I dont see why coffee scrub is bad, obviously it does nothing for cellulite (do ppl still believe anything topical can reduce cellulite?…), but just as a scrub I find it great, it doesn't leave the skin feeling dry unlike some salt or other scrubs, and yes it is basically free because you have it left over from your coffee anyway, unlike expensive scrubs from bodyshop etc.

  3. My biggest pet peeve is cremes that claim to "stimulate cell growth". Now, I'm not an expert on skin care but I DO know a bit about cell biology and that just sounds like causing cancer to me. So either it's promising something it can't do or it's harmful. Also.. cremes with apples stem cells that are supposed to regenerate your skin? Ma'am, I'm a person, not an apple. What am I supposed ot do with apple stem cells?!

  4. as a chemist myself and a fan of makeup and skin care stuff, your videos are the best thing I've found in a long time! This is the channel i always needed/wanted and didn't even know it.

  5. Every time I see your posts, I wonder: what lipstick is she wearing?

    So I need to ask now – what brand and colour of lipstick are you wearing?
    It’s so beautiful on you!

  6. I actually like coffee scrubs a lot! But not for cellulite, I just mix a few teaspoons with my regular non-soapy shower gel and use it to exfoliate rough areas of my skin once in a while. I found it works a lot better for me than sugar or salt scrubs, because those dissolve and melt away, while coffee grounds don't. I haven't had any issue with any stains or clogs inside the shower drains. Leaves my skin super soft and costs basically nothing, since I just have to save up the grounds from the coffee I already drank that day

  7. You have the voice of many educational voice overs lol. Interesting about the visible light. I have lupus and while I have not been specifically told to worry about visible light, I’m wondering I should still look for iron oxide protection for this. Good to know that it’s not a big risk for most people though.

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