Industrial Hemp in Utah as a high value crop for CBD oil.

Agriculture is a $2 Billion dollar industry in Utah. Crop production makes up just under a quarter of that total with familiar crops of; wheat, barley, corn and alfalfa. The passage of the 2018 farm bill has opened up the possibility for farmers to grow hemp and there is an increasing interest in the crop.

There are also a lot of misconceptions and flat out myths about hemp that researchers at Utah State University are looking into.

This program will present a quick overview of the differences between marijuana and hemp with Dr. Bruce Bugbee, Professor of Crop Physiology at Utah State University and Mitch Westmoreland, a PhD Student at USU. Later in the show we discuss the value of the crop and how it is regulated with Tom Paskett, Exec. Dir. Utah Cannabis Association and Trevor Ung, from Ung Family Farms.


• Hemp vs. Marijuana

CBD in Utah

• Working with law enforcement

• How big is this crop in Utah?

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  1. Thank you for educating me on this issue and how farmers are dealing with the hemp product. Great show.

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