Infused Nerd Gummy Clusters Recipe 🌈😍

DIY Nerd Gummy Cluster Recipe. You can make these infused or regular! Hope you enjoy 🌈🥰

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  1. I am so glad that you feel up to making edibles again. Please do me a favor just don’t overdo it…..when you start to feel overwhelmed take a break your fans will understand. I do wanna say that you look yourself again. So whatever you’re doing continue to do it just be happy at what you do.

  2. There is a greater than zero chance that cannabis will become federally legal in the US shortly. This could possibly lead to youtube changing their rules and remonetizing you in the future. Keep this channel up cuz one day…one day…

  3. That is so crazy my husband just asked me to make these yesterday!!!!!!!
    I said no!
    He said but why?
    I said I don't know how!
    Here comes Alina to the rescue!
    Also I love these old school cooking vids. Perfect company on my MidnightCandy days in my kitchen

  4. Hi I saw your videos a few weeks ago and than I saw the one about your headaches. I hope the gummies help. I'm a diabetic and can't have sugar. I saw the sugar free gummy worms video. I hope you make more sugar free videos. I would really appreciate it.

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