Iraqi Dinar update for 08/04/22 – Did you fall for that again

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  1. Hey Pimpy. I think its time for me to chime in, once again. You seem to be surprised that some of your listeners do not understand why you are suggesting that the RV is connected to basic economic principles like stability, economic growth, non oil revenues etc. Well, haven't they been told for the past 18 years that iraq would rv like Kuwait did? Haven't they been told that the dinar was grossly undervalued, and reallly worth $3+, even tho they have over 114 trillion dinar in circulation?
    Well, if thats the case, then what does true economic growth have to do with anything? . Why do they have to wait for that? You are making it seem as if the current rate of the IQD is the actual rate, and iraq needs to improve their economy in order to raise the rate! (Wink).. You see where i am going with this? You need to pick a side!, there is no in between in this case. You already know where i stand.

    Take care bro.

  2. Please don't spend so much time talking to the other "gurus" like children, and talking them down. This wastes my time, and makes you look bad by putting them down.
    Instead, just let me know you think they are wrong, then tell me your truth. I'm getting less and less out of listening to you.

  3. Tell you what pimpy….why don't you put up the podcast you did with Charlie ward and let your viewers decide if what he said back then isn't whats gonna happen in the future.he stated that the value of the dollar would reduce and that the value of the dinar would rise and meet in the middle,you and your name calling and pointing out others faults isn't very productive,let's see if you have the balls to put up that podcast!!!

  4. No need for the name calling you hypocrite!!!you also stated over 1 years ago that your 'friend'who owns a bank in Switzerland said the dragon bonds were getting cashed in then you flip flopped 6 months ago saying the dragon bonds were all bullshit,no need for the name calling

  5. Kaballah guru does this hopium…ugh..gila and Ismael says we will be going to a galactic federation world and be rich…omg…what is wrong with these you tubers, miss leading everyone just for you tube money. i laugh at the ignorance

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