Is @A Balance Child Eating His CBD Cookies & Chocolate? Drugged? Is AB's Food Prep Area Regulated?


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  1. What's your problem with @A Balance? Any guy that fights and gets 100% custody of their non verbal – Autistic child is a stand up guy in my eyes! He may not be everyone's cup of tea but the man is intelligent about every topic you can imagine. Now for the comment on that's daddy's food " he did say it. because if you know ab, then you'll know his daughter, will eat and eat. she loves fruit but he doesn't want her eating certain fruits loaded with natural sugars because of her autism. So he puts out her limit of sugary foods and he puts his separate! He also doesn't like to feed her unhealthy or genetically modified foods. Did you also realize that kids with autism can do sign language or gestures and that's how they learn! Also cbd is very beneficial for children with autism! I think your hitting way below the belt and im unsubscribing from your channel.

  2. One blueberry could distract him off topic in different sos ref flags of intimidated or alienated at risk dependant in care. Totally valid use of people prodding for truth and betterment.

    Community outreach attempts were dismissed by ab, chips was spot on . Thanks for that information, the stuff she was a valuable asset from experience to speak of this disability centric issue.

    The T.G.A. oversight of consumer goods as he sells , wouldn't let most imports past our customs , if the radar hadn't captured them I wonder if misleading information on mailing labels is possible? Health claims need evidence and thoroughly attributable research data unless it's harmless because ingredients are no active. Impotence or inaccurate ab ?

  3. Carl, you are right about TM, she wants no serious real life interaction with AB and his daughter, she only finds him of some limited use online. She uses people as pawns. When he's no longer useful to her, she will turn on him as she always does.

  4. I def remember him telling her “thats my food” “thats my refrigerator” Growing up, any food in the fridge was everybody’s. I have never heard anything like that before.

  5. He said that about Bomby too?! This is NO MAN!! He is a tiny little pathetic excuse for a man! I bet he has made the same threats to JodiSue. I ve not been watching him much at all. Uuugh. Was only alerted when he threatened me. His words have became increasingly disturbing. What is going on with AB? He and his daughter may literally need a welfare check.

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