Is Juan O Savin John Jr

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  1. Pimpy, You put out a video about Silver to Gold Ratio, and an old mentor that talked about this process. Can you direct me to the video or do another video.

  2. I'm hoping that one day we no longer need to speculate on information then one day we will actually get factual information , entertainment purposes that means running a business gold $******

  3. Yo Pimpster… Besides the obvious and what everyone else thinks… Juan is John in English and O is for his mother Jackie O and Savin is for The Savin Hill Library dedicated to president John F Kennedy in Boston. I could go on but I'm not here to change anyone's way of thinking. Anything and everything is possible.

  4. JFK, Jr. has played many "Roles" one is Juan, one is Vincent Fuscha, one was Mike Robinson's SS Detail, and I'm sure there are others. There are more than One Juan O'Savin's & Vincent Fuscha's – JFK as 107 wears a "Fat Suit" The Technology is way beyond Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible

  5. Omg I can't believe you don't realize that when "Juan O Savin" appeared in public, that picture you showed us, he was in disguise. Pretty obvious. Is he JFK, JR? No. He's a famous wrestler. Because of his role in this fight, must remain incognito.

  6. Now, I'm confused with this current obsession about JFK Jr. I mean, he has been gone and out of the political arena for some time. We really know nothing about him now. Several say they do, but he has been a ghost, a lot of hoopla and credit about him, where is the him? We really do not know if he has the same values (if still alive), people change. Just saying. We want so desperately for him to be a savior, I see him as an unknown at this point.

  7. This segment with Rachel hamm and juan- voice tonation and dictionary not jfk Jr and his leg is too short and those hands are small and chubby.

  8. Pimpy, you know how you shared that if Trump is a bad one then we are in deep doo doo. Theres a guy David Vose who's saying Trump is a bad guy and he shares why. I stopped subscribing to his videos because he has nothing physical to refer to like books or article or even names. Ive caught him in some contradictions. Whats especially weird is that all of a sudden his channel came on utube.

  9. Well I used to exercise like crazy.. I had a perfect body but now that I'm older I don't work out like that and I can definitely tell.. I've gained a little in the midsection I'm not quite as fit..I'm not quite as toned so yeah I believe as you get older, JFK jr. Is actually exactly my age , you do kind of quit the exercising and you do gain weight yes you do

  10. Also, here's another of my personal observation. There are open stock photos of jfk jr and cbk, BUT ONCE IN A WHILE THERE IS ONE THAT IS SHOWN AND THEN PULLED BACK. I have a cookbook that Marta wrote and she shared her personal collection of her recipes and photos she would prepare for the mother and two children and even intimate close friends dinner parties. So there's a FEELING of certain photos that appear genuine. Again, IMO he's alive but I dont think they are going to come out. There are still some really bad players out there. He has the play book from his father and uncle and what his mother had knowledge of. This is only my opinion. My mom told me that she didn't believe jj was dead because he was to ASTUTE and knew the game that was being played.

  11. This PO was jfk Jr. Listen to the tonation. Those of us who would hear him speak while he was openly present in the public know his voice. The Joe m, does not have same tonation. IMO he's alive. You had to be living and following the story at the time.

  12. Oh and Pimpy, here's another that came up on my radar- David Vose. He recently says that DT is part of the bad ones. You have to listen to his stuff. I'm no longer listening as he mostly his opinions. I listen to allot of stuff. The REAL IN CROWD IS NOT GOING TO DISCLOSE ANY STUFF NOW. I WATCH GEORGE NEWS. I FIND THERE FORMAT QUITE TELLING. IT NEVER SAYS ANYTHING ONLY SHOWS STUFF.

  13. So before I even listen. I have to asked about the timing of why this info is just now being presented in your channel? I for one don't like JUan. Don't trust his character. Charlie Freak is where I first heard this. No longer listen to him. The JC stuff. Did you know that there's indo out there that JC was on that tribunal list as being executed. THEREs Allot of false stuff floating.

  14. Juan isn't Jr. But his voice sounds alot like another big name… And all I'm going to say he is ex military but I don't know for 100%. And they're life like masks just look at the fake Joe Biden that is a mask because Joe's earlobes are different now then when he was VP… Jr did say he would bring down whole governments to find his dad's murderer… I don't want to give my thoughts on who I think Jr is because I don't want the evil ones to figure it out and do what they did to his dad… Sooooo many evil people in our government…

  15. Don't care anymore. To many ops going on, both sides. Is just like to be able to afford an apt by myself again like the 80's. Everything is fucked right now and we are paying the price. At least the hopeium gave us something to hang on to. There's nothing but shit to look forward to now.
    I wanna see the crooks pay for their crimes! All this guessing about who's who is total bulshit..who cares, won't solve the little slaves problems.

  16. Brother Pimpy you are off on the recording. I am from Massachusetts. Why did the guy get taken away from spoke person. Why did ABC find the plane location device. The Government

  17. Pimp.. give up on the jfk mask stuff. We will eventually find out. Not your job to keep us grounded. My opinion. Love ya bro, but stick to the basics. Ur world is monetary. Of couese you will do what you want.

  18. Pimpi first you have to understand how important this information is this information is necessary for projects that the white hats are doing to go successfully without much attention being brought to what they’re doing they take it out very bad people this was happening very shortly the great awakening will come everything will come out in black-and-white or has been filmed and will be presented over the airwaves for everyone to say don’t forget this was a Worldwide operation to clean up earth

  19. Silvers on the dip as now. Hope it's still this low come Friday. Payday=more Silver…. David Straight…..History and legal info. I am going through the process of getting my STATUS as a State National. Gotta get rid of the Citizen SHIP STATUS first. Let ya know if this works out or not. As far as the JFK thing, time will tell. I do not pay much attention to that subject. To much other in your face info to process. Same with Biden. However I do suspect Biden has not been among us for years.

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