Is Something Wrong With Kyle Rittenhouse?

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  1. Anyone care to show a picture of what a toilet looks like after a month of no water? C'mon man! Even Joe wouldn't be that dumb to say that! And if Lin Wood isn't a criminal attorney, how did he defend the parents of Jon Bennett Ramsey? And why? So if Kyle was a FF, maybe it was to create more hostility in the black community to inspire the car mowing down innocent people on purpose?

  2. Did anybody here see the video about he courtroom? It was green screened! The people in the court were not moving like normal. And I agree with April, he was TOO smooth, to well rehearsed. And he got to take pictures with Trump right away,…right after you got out of a fight for your life??? No, No, No,…don't think so. Something stinks here big time. That was the corniest prosecutor, was he acting too? Trump still hasn't said anything about the jab, but a lot about BS that isn't killing people.

  3. I would need coaching to talk to any news media in person too. Maybe he dosen't want to denounce BLM because he dosen't want them comming after his family? I would be smug as hell too, fuk that bullsh*t!

  4. For Kyle to say it is privilege to have a gun is very misleading on his part. Owning a gun is a right not a privilege. I hear bells going off. I now use caution in the Rittenhouse matter.

  5. I disagree wholeheartedly. Kyle is very mature for his age and he handled himself very nicely on Tucker's show. Kyle has been thru a lot…he was so scared that he'd never see the light of day…I can't even imagine how horrible he felt after having to defend himself and kill 2 people. I did not think he was smug…that's ridiculous! You, April, are being ridiculous!

  6. only thing i know about the whole kyle situation is all the stuff tim pool was reporting on about it and also watched the tucker carlson interview.

    But people listen to what April is saying yes what happened to the kid is evil and wrong and he was well within his right to defend himself. He never should have be punished for that we all agree on that.

    But we all need to take a step back from the situation and ask the Common Sense questions April is asking. After listening to her it does seem pretty suspect and suspicious.

    Question 1: Can you survive off of zero water for 70 to 80 days? Answer NO.
    Question 2: Is jail a good wholesome place that doesnt give water to the inmates? NO

    ASk yourself questions dont be a sheep and go along with the narrative.

  7. He's acting so happy because technically Carlson probably gave him a lot of money for a 17 year old he is probably pleased ad punch how much money he and his family has now They've probably never had any kind of money like that ever

  8. ever think he is afraid of going to fed prison since the penguin said he thinks he should be tried in fed court, they might have treated him like shitz in jail

  9. I think the whole thing is contrived to give people a false sense of "winning" – then he comes out and discounts Lin Wood, who is largely involved in exposing the election fraud.

    So on one hand people feel exhaulted on something that was framed as a "pivot point" for their rights and the second amendment (which it wasn't, at all) and then, they take the wind out of the peoples sails when it comes to those working on election fraud.)

    I question Trump at this point . . .And if Trump plans on coming back, his new "free speech" platform is a total conflict of interest and unappceptable IMO.

    Our world is so screwed up because the masses minds have been hi-jacked from years of internet porn, netflix, perscription pills, toxic food and adverstising , , ,And the brainwashing makes it so the people don't have a clue they have been brainwashed.

  10. I tried to listen to some of your previous videos and they wouldn't play…
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family…have a blessed day…

  11. Robert Barnes said that Kyle was basically managed by a former Green Beira, I think. Very weird that everything about Kylie’s life, after the incident, was managed by a non-attorney.

  12. APRIL…Kyle was out of water for 21 days . That's not critical. His skin should Not have bled. That's bizarre. I wonder if the water tank of the toilet worked. He probably scrubbed too hard during a 3 hour shower which he stated he took and his skin bled. That was bizarre. He has been out of jail for nearly a year as bail was posted. OFCOURSE HE IS INNOCENT.

  13. Kyle was talking/complimenting the juvenile facility staff before he went to adult jail in Kenosha.
    Also he said he had a toilet in cell. Water faucet in built-in to the top of all toilets in typical jail cells.
    No water no toilet.
    That wouldn't be overlooked by guards.
    I have more.
    Something is awry.

  14. Old Hollywood is dead and NEW Hollywood is Gas_Lighting you. Upside_Down_Triangle: At top Left is victim NOHA Pozner; bottom of triangle is Alex Jones lost case about SANDY_HOOK; top Right is Kyle Rittenhouse. Two trial date decisions are extremely close in time. ALSO: Dead NOHA is the same age as Kyle. &&&&&&&&&&& Malikah Shabazz: Almost to the day: Decades ago 2 men went to jail for killing Malikah's Father, Malcom X: NOW: The 2 men are released from prison and Malikah is found dead from some health issue. Another Gas_Lighting?

  15. He said he supported Black Lives Matter … maybe perhaps he really thinks BLACK lives matter. He believes WHITE lives matter. HE believes Red lives matter, and believes Yellow lives matter. All lives matter. But Good point to be on top of it!

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