James Loud Show: Late Edition

James Loud

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  1. Masonic is a good dude and this is a cool convo. He is honest about how he does his cannabis breeding and he makes no false claims. What else do you want. Beginners and casual smokers are his market. Simple and plain. All these breeders trying so hard to be accepted and getting nowhere are salty salt growers. He gets a lot of hate from the "so-called wannabe gatekeepers of cannabis breeding" because he doesn't really care about entitlement. Lots of bitter breeders just jealous of how he is building his company. I've met him a few times and he has always been respectful and cool as fck. Salute to the hustle and the hustlers.

  2. Got to test what you create, why the hell would anyone breed and not atleast do a germination test and grow them out atleast for peace of mind to see how the mix took together? The sloppy pollen chucking no testing making first filial generation and throwing a creative name to sell is nonsense and lazy. Do the shit right unless you're intending to do it for your own private stuff. F1'S are ok here and there but when a breeding company is nothing but that I get skeptical.

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