KZN Protests | No police seen in parts of Durban CBD as looting continues: Vusi Khumalo

SABC News reporter, Vusi Khumalo in Durban CBD with an update.

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  1. Back to you in studio, I mean…
    coming back to you, i mean, in the studio
    i mean
    on the other side, i mean, that is all that is here
    i mean, on the street
    i mean, what is happening

  2. ANC must go – It's time for change people. Vote for change, because this – this is what turns countries into Zimbabwe.

  3. The Press should start calling those who made this reckless and rushed judgement on sentencing a former President in a middle of a pandemic to come to the streets and bring order..The police have not done much and the soldiers won't do much either hence its a problem created by reckless Judiciary,let's not forget the police and soldiers are also citizen's..The fight was against Corruption and never on an individual,the sentencing of President Zuma has it bring back what was looted from the state..? No,infact it has make the situation to be worst..Businesses are being destroyed,Jobs are being lost,the economy is being affected negatively,citizens are loosing their lives and even the state is now being forced to spend more..

  4. I believe the problem is not Zuma now… back to level 5 and no R350s…where should those people get food…I feel it is going to happen south africa as a whole because soon the president will announce level 5 nation wide…

  5. Many car number plates can be clearly seen. Should be easy for the cops to trace and arrest some of these criminals. This lawlessness is totally out of control. Why haven't the military stepped in to stop this?

  6. ANC officials in KZN pretend to stand with Ramaphosa. Where is Beki,Zikalala .They know where their fate lies?????.Embarassing.

  7. It started with Zuma and the Guptas and now it ends with Zuma in jail and the country in fire with high unemployment, infrastructure destroyed what next,why should Zuma destroy a beautiful counrty in this manner ?

  8. They came with their vehicles, are they poor ? This is terrorism, they are thieves, they are not abiding any law .. They belong in jail

  9. What is this useless ANC government doing they must be held liable for this embarrassment to SA the whole world is watching

  10. Its going to suck and I'm going to smile when everyone of those looters wake up the next morning and want their basic supplies to survive and they see the shops are all destroyed. they are thinking short termed. this is not protesting this is looting and they are destroying the county. This is the biggest destruction to come to South Africa ever and ThE mIlItArY cAn'T hAnDlE, THE people had to take things into their own hands and now im forever more proud of my neighbor than i am my local police.

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