Lavender Oil For Dogs Itchy Skin (Healing, Calming & Soothing The Skin)

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Here’s 3 Reasons to Use Lavender Oil For Dogs Itchy Skin

NUMBER 1 is Lavender will shorten the healing time dramatically while cleansing and soothing at the same time.

You will find the cuts, grazes and gashes will heal the skin quicker than usual as growing scar tissue will be much smoother which means a scar will become faint or completely unnoticeable. And because lavender is a sedative, you’ll find it great for soothing and calming an excited dog.

Get a bottle of pure essential lavender oil. Mix ten drops of lavender in a cereal sized bowl of tepid water, soak a hand towel or small cotton cloth in the water and wring out the water, but not bone dry. Apply the dampened cloth to cuts, grazes and gashes daily until wound heals.

NUMBER 2 is Lavender is also great for your dogs itchy skin. Use on bug bites to help sooth irritated skin and itch. And it’s great for soothing, cleansing and healing burns. Just follow the same directions for healing your dogs cuts and grazes.

Lavender will also work as an antibacterial skin rinse to heal itchy skin, yeast outbreaks over the skin such as from seborrhea, contact dermatitis or other skin problems.

Add 10 drops of pure lavender oil to a cereal sized bowl of tepid water, stir and soak a cloth in the mixture, wring out the excess and apply to the affected areas daily.

Use the same concentration for cleaning out your dogs infected ears of grease, oil, particles and mites. After cleansing as far as you can go with a dampened cloth, use large cotton buds or cottons balls dipped in the bowl to clean further into the ear up to the point the ear canal turns downwards. And don’t worry if any falls down into the ear canal as your dog will shake out any excess.

NUMBER 3, you can also use lavender to massage your dog if they’re anxious, fearful or generally sensitive to their environment such as car rides or trips to the vet.

Lavender is also wonderful for massaging the hips and legs of your arthritic dog to soothe, calm and reinvigorate the muscles and joints for greater mobility. Add 10 drops of lavender essential oil to an ounce or 25ml of grape seed oil or hemp oil and massage deeply into arthritic joints, particularly your dogs shoulders and hips, the knees and feet.

Remember, you only need very small amounts of a essential oil and always diluted with water for your dog as it’s very concentrated and never apply neat essential oils.
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  1. Where do you get high quality essential oils. I have followed your link and it’s always to download your free book and I have which doesn’t tell me anything I don’t know and it has disappeared. I purchased one of your books on PayPal yesterday and it took me back to your website of videos but I not for sure what happened and am I going to get a hard copy in the mail or what because nothing came on the screen. I also followed your links and purchased some recommended Digestive Enzymes from Pet Honesty due to Mercola have been out of stock for months and I have been waiting for it to return and I believe that’s what is causing my dog hotspots and itchy skin because he went without the digestive enzymes for too long!

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