Legal Medicinal Cannabis Delivery & Unboxing the New MIGHTY+ by Storz & Bickel

Some legal cannabis flower strains and some high CBD and high THC oil dominant products. Delivered to my door in NSW, Australia. Enjoy the video.

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Note: STRICTLY 18 + Adults ONLY! This channel does not sell or promote the sale of cannabis for recreational use or medical use. THANK YOU

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  1. What clinic are you going to? I’m in QLD and I used canvalate and I hate them. They only give me oil and it’s weak as shit. Really looking to get flower as that’s what I know how to use and is most effective for e

  2. I don't understand this so maybe someone can elaborate for me. My 17 year old daughter has CPTSD and says when she has a higher THC dose it reduces or eliminates her auditory and visual hallucinations (voices stop talking to her) and it actually helps her; I was always led to believe that higher THC meant it creates them not makes them go away?

    Great uploads as always! still on my 20:1 CBD/THC dose for my social anxiety and working well but going to look elsewhere to get Indica flower and a THC only oil if possible for my pain.

  3. My GP wrote me out a prescription for one of the oils about a year and a half ago, and it was all approved. It was ok, but he said he'd never do it again for anyone because the process was so laborious 🙁

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