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  1. Hey mitchell enjoy your channel just thought you might enjoy this, its a little musical number by sahara and big daddy called WTF.

  2. One more thing I must say is that my friend's mother was only debilitated the first day she would use the oil from a different strain of plant. A tolerance to the oil from the same stain seemed to be built up very quickly but the tolerance was lost if a dose was missed

  3. Kudos for your work Adam n Mitchell.
    I'm Phil Durham.
    You have spoken with my brother a few times Adam.
    Cannabis woke me up about14 years ago.
    A fella I used to buy skunk cuttings from said to me
    "You know cannabis cures cancer?" "Don't believe me" he said "research it yourself".
    So I did n it blew my mind what I learnt.
    CBD is very medicinal but a full extract of the entire plant is a super medicine.
    Dr Raphael machoulam first isolated indigenous anandamide from the body and found it to be the same molecule as THC. Works on the same receptors to produce the same effects.
    The only other source of a direct supplement of anandamide (besides THC from the cannabis plant) is mother's milk where it naturally occurs.
    Whenever we experience stress, mental or physical,, the body unregulated its indigenous cannabinoid production.
    Anandamide/THC is in mother's breast milk to stimulate the infants appetite, protect the brain from a higher exposure to oxygen outside the womb and help deal with the trauma of passing through the birth canal.

    About 5 years ago, I extracted the oil with isopropyl alcohol to treat a friend's mother's lymphoma, lung cancer and cancer of the hip bone.
    The lung cancer and lymphoma regressed and she was clear of them but the hip bone cancer remained. She was taking half a gram of oil per day orally and half analy to try get it close to the hip but unfortunately, the cancer of the hip beat her n she passed.
    An interesting effect was that her moles fell off during the treatment.

    I don't think it's coincidence that cannabis and cancer are also etymologically connected.

    The criminalisation of this plant was what woke me up to this grand deception and so flat earth was no surprise to me..

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