Live Q/A April 19th: Collagen Protein, CBD Oil, Muscle Fiber Types and

This was recorded on April 19th, 2019.

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  1. Excuse me, but I have one doubt regarding collagen supplements: like any other protein, our organism will have to break it down into amino acids and then, through the bloodstream, they will be distributed wherever necessary in the body.
    The amino acids can end up being part of your hair, nails, intestine walls, etc.
    It's not guaranteed that these very expensive "collagen type two" capsules will reinforce your tendons.
    Is it correct or am I missing something? Thanks.

  2. Yeah I'm just gonna be commenting on your content because it's just not being "algorithmed" enough to my liking.
    Your views should be ratcheting upwards consistently! Just thinking about all the bullshit out there that people get paid for

  3. Would you make a high velocity/ powerlifting template? i'd do it in a heart beat.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. I'm familiar with Baar's research on collagen and I'm surprised you don't recommend it for connective tissue health/repair. That would be a fun topic to further discuss on your channel.

  5. Hi i got a question for you docs. I tore my right pec muscle a few years ago when i tried to set a new 1RM. The muscle and tendon rip of the bone and i got surgery. The doctors attached back the muscle and tendon to the bone and i was set in advanced sling for 24 hours a day in 4 month. After that i start sleep without the sling and after 6 month i got rid of the sling. My pec is feeling fine today a few years after surgery but my question is: Can i ever bench heavy again and come back to regular competition benching?

  6. Collagen supplements are a waste of money. I just make bone broth in a crockpot for 18-30 hours Its totally easy and you get the most bang for your buck

  7. man its sad when youtubers become "celebrities" and get the high and mighty attitude, laughing at peoples questions, out of control egos etc.
    whatever dude

  8. Is there any utility to doing a Hypertrophy program if I am not gaining weight and or losing weight? I oscillate between 200 and 205 depending on how busy work is and if I am diligent about eating a good lunch. I dont feel confident I could have compliance to eat in a consistent surplus with my current lifestyle.

  9. Because of work, there is only 1 day a week where more than 7 hours is feasible for me. Would stoping training be a bigger risk for mortality than continuing to run on 5 or 6 hours of sleep and still training?

  10. Jordan please can you get a Pop Filter for the Mic you use. i love the content and knowledge but some sounds are so sharp on my ears.

  11. 10:03 Yes. It's called "mal de caribou" or "rabbit starvation" and I am not sure but I don't believe that it's solely for to lack of essential fatty acids.

  12. You should not combine catechins with collagen imo.

    The reason green tea is astringent is because it avidly intercalates with proline amino acid residues in proline-rich salivary peptides (PRP).

    This intercalation is a defense mechanism to protect us from the damaging effects of tannins, which would otherwise bind essential proteins in the GI tract.

    Catechin binding to proteins though makes them less digestible. So it may be that by combining tannic catechins with your proline-rich collagen product (especially if that collagen product is partially hydrolyzed) will reduce the bioavailability and effectiveness of both the collagen and the green tea catechins.

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