Making cannabis oil using the cold method

In this film I show you how I make cannabis oil that I use myself. This oil supported several people with good results in soothing their disease process (such as cancer, Parkinson’s etc.)
By not heating the oil other ingredients will be preserved ald it becomes a stronger medicine.

The video “Cannabis Oil, How to use it and for what purpose” can be found here: or watch my channel

If you want to make cannabis oil yourself, it often starts with planting seeds. You can buy seeds on these websites: and or go to my website where I give some examples of cannabis seeds that are very suitable for medicinal cannabis oil and good CBD oil.

This is the first film on this channel and more will follow about plant medicines, my experiences with this and my vision of a healthy and enjoyable life!

Licenses: All video, audio and text is made by Filav (Jochem van der Linden)

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  1. thats how i wanted to do it just wait thats awsome i figured you could just wait instead of evaporate. did you freeze everythign first?

  2. Thank you for sharing the tutorial. Any suggestions on dosing for a beginner and I’m not sure if I missed it but do you need to keep in fridge afterwards. Thank you

  3. Use this as a like button if you also were really high watching this and as the blender started up and the lid started to lift, you got major anxiety also, until…..wait….why did I type this?

  4. Does anyone know what to do when u have chronic pain l am going on twenty four yes and now they want to take opiates away after all these years of chronic pain now on less med and they still want to take what little life l have left and make it living hell l have chronic pain from the hands of a doctor twenty three years later l am looking for a doctor that will treat me

  5. Awesome for chronic pain helps for sleep and helps u relax and deal with pain not the answer for pain but a very GOOD tool!

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