Medical Misinformation | I Don't Know About That with Jim Jefferies #75

In this episode, the team discusses medical misinformation with Harvard Medical Professor and host of the Freakonomics, M.D. podcast, Dr. Anupam Bapu Jena.

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  1. Mercury was used for "the French disease"- gonorhea .
    Leeches used to "bleed " patients as a treatment for a multitude of ailments .
    I don't know why I left this comment, LOL

  2. Im intrigued by the idea of researching laughters effects on health. Control group being only Jims fans. Half of those are likely Doug Stanhope fans. A guy who tends to attract everyone who have contemplated suicide at some point.
    Ignoring that little detail, resulting to a thesis that laughter makes you more likely to kill yourself.

  3. This guy thinks the FDA takes too long to approve medicines, AND is pro-medical advertising? I have a feeling this guy is paid by some of these pharmaceutical companies (which is why he gave a word of defense for propaganda). Now, to be clear, I am not saying that my feeling is correct — just that Jim would be wise to not change his mind so quickly when faced with this one person's opinion. It's noble to change your mind when faced with new information; but be careful that the information is correct (which is an ironic point for this episode).

  4. This expert on misinformation doesn’t know what the word propaganda means…

    Literally started mumbling about not knowing if there’s such a thing as good or bad propaganda..

    An expert on misinformation….

  5. 30:44
    Firstly, that was so forced it made me roll my eyes so hard it hurt…

    Secondly no… propaganda is state sponsored.
    What state sponsored anti vaccine messages have you been seeing Jim?

    Weak little commie just couldn’t wait to pander to his masters huh?

  6. I'd like to participate on the live event, unfortunatelly it's during the week and I'm on GMT (2 a.m. here). Great iniciative nonetheless, good to know USD 2 go to charity, thinking of buying it just to support you guys. Keep it up!

  7. Many journalists also report on self-published academic preprints, which have not yet undergone any kind of formal peer review, and are, until peer-reviewed, no more reliable than some idiot ranting on a blog. Dressing it up as a paper doesn't magically bestow any kind of merit upon the findings. This can be especially problematic, as often the initial claims and conclusions are made as fantastical as possible by new researchers and only later dialed back in when it's clear there's insufficient evidence to support them. It's as Jim says, the whole method of reporting on scientific findings needs an overhaul.

  8. I went to get checked out for a hernia and when I got the test results sent to me the specialist had written that my testicles were "unremarkable"

    And that hurt my feelings a bit.

  9. The face Jack made when he finds out about the meat pies in the crust in Australia , is the same face we’ll make when there’s an announcement that there’s no more world hunger.

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