MELTING regular gummies into INFUSED GUMMIES [2 ingredients] // GUMMY HACK

MELTING Regular Gummies into INFUSED GUMMIES [2 ingredients] // GUMMY HACK

I wanted to test out melting store bought gummy bears and adding tincture and coconut oil. In this video I used Albanese gummy bears as they are my favorite. I believe you will get the same results using any brand of gummy bears. Please let me know if there’s a specific brand you’d like me to test out.

1/2 tsp Tincture PER 10-15 gummy bears (10 if they are bigger like mine, 15 is they are the size of Haribo’s gummy bears)

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  1. This has to be the worst example of how people are making Edibles now in 2020 and 2021 beware of idiotic edibles and get to know your chef and make sure your Chef wears gloves and mask and advisor and is not talking and smoking while making Edibles cuz when you talk invisible spit comes out and lands anywhere in the area where you're talking from so basically she invisibly spit all over all those gummies but everyone here on YouTube is a dumbass trying to become a professional from YouTube so it's all good just do what you do and more power to you I hope the next generation figures out how dumb you look SCIENTIFICALLY

  2. I’ve been using your idea on melting instead of making.
    The main problem is the waste in the eye dropper.
    I found a fix for that as well as making the handling easier.
    I have to say that I’m using a concentrate called pull and snap.
    I make a tincture using ever clear vodka (80% alcohol)and let go into solution.
    I coat the molds, spoons, and inside of the eye dropper with olive oil.
    The olive oil keeps the candy mixture from sticking, waste it at a minimum and cleanup is a breeze.
    I hope this helps.

  3. is tincture something you can buy from plugs or usually homemade ? wondering bc it’s basically impossible making my own tincture when i live w my parents but i wanna try making gummies 🙁

  4. I’m brand new to making gummies, or should I say I will be brand new when I actually go to make them for the first time. I couldn’t help but wonder when you were having the melted gummy/syringe issues, if a small cocktail spoon or espresso spoon might have been an easier way to get the tincture into the little molds (maybe even coating the spoon w/a tiny bit of the coconut oil to ensure that it falls off the spoon easily. I am going to be sure to have one on hand when I try it, just in case. Also, I imagine the issue with the gummies cooling off too quickly while you’re working would go away if you were using a double boiler and kept the pot over top of the hot water while you worked… With the bottom pot turned off. Just thinking out loud here as I plan to make a batch. I’m enjoying your videos.

  5. I have a question if anyone can clear it up. In these recipes you're using an alcohol tincture, so does the alcohol just evaporate out of the gummies when they start to solidify?? Also, great videos I thoroughly enjoy watching them 🙂

  6. If doing larger batch use a metal bowl put in oven until gummies melt then set on a skillet on low flame while you inject into gummy molds a lot easier and faster way so it doesn't get hard

  7. Hi newbie here! Just found your channel! Could I put some citric acid/sugar into the bottom of my mold before I put the gelatin or do I need to let the dry first??

  8. So when u say tincture you use an alcohol based and then reduced tincture vs an mct oil (coconut oil) based tincture right? Maybe the coconut oil tincture needed some lecithin? Not sure , or a teeny bit added to the gummy bears while melting them might help the oil bind better. My friend uses Lecithin in his oil tinctures, but for this recipe u may need some in the bears too? Just a thought on why they didn't turn out. Again a great video!!

  9. Girls. Spatula the stuff into mold. Use water to measure amount needed to fill the candy voids. Just use what is required to fill your mold. Just a thought. A tiny bit of coconut oil on a cloth will lube tools with a wipe.

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