Multi-country Packing

How to pack for 60 to 90 days through various climates and activities from trekking, farming, and/or relaxing!!

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Packing List
Throat spray, Oil of Oregano, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, valerian oil, black walnut oil, first aid (alcohol wipes, witch hazel wipes, bacitracin, coband , dermabond, medipur strips, gauze) , vitamin C & D, Iron, Chlorella, activated charcoal, CBD cream and oil tincture, Tiger Balm, NUUN, Imodium, Pepto Bismol, Azithromycin, malarials, ibuprofen, baby aspirin, Benadryl, baking soda, floss, sun block, blister kit, dry matches, bug spray, body oil, castile soap, razor, nail clipper, file, tweezers, scissors, sewing kit

-Functional Items
Travel plane pillow, Bamboo silverware set with straw, chop sticks, and toothbrush, sandwich bags, Leatherman, travel locks, bike cord lock, garden gloves, water proof neck carrier & thin money belt, filter water bottle (Life Straw Go), MSR Gravity Water Purifier, UV, Water Steripen, ear plugs, eye covers, sunglasses, Gregory Baltoro 75L hiking pack, compression packing cubes, rain cover for hiking pack and day pack, travel REI Trail 25 pack, head torch, lantern, toilet paper, Go girl pee, Figure 9 carabiner rope (clothesline), hand/ feet warmers, Tushy trowel, Solar charger solar-panel, power pack & plug, batteries for UV pen, head lamp, sink plug, Gators, mosquito net, knee supports, wet/dry bag, Microfiber towel (1) & wash cloth (2), travel sheet, sleeping bag, sleeping bag pad, palm sized air pump with 400 lumen light, Mylar blanket, Shower toga, trekking poles/ rubber tips, hand sanitizer spray and wipes, baby wipes, travel Lysol, Flint compass combo, foldable fabric bucket, Helinox hiking chair, Point See Book (to communicate)

Bandana (1)/ buff(1)/ headband (1), hiking socks (6) and liners (3), ankle socks (2), moisture wicking underwear (10), Thinx panties (5), bra (1) and sports bras (4), shirts (8) {3 long, 4 short, 1 tank}, pants (3), leggings (2), fleece leggings (1), Marmot rain proof jacket, Eddie Bauer rain resistant fleece, Eddie Bauer rain pants, poncho, sun hat, winter hat, gloves (water proof w/ liners & finger swipe), maxi skirt (1), shorts (1), thermals/ base layer (double as PJS) (1), swimsuits (2), coverup (1), mini sarong (1), Zamberlan hiking boots, Keen H2O sandals, Brooks Ghost GTX tennis, flip flops for showers
*Copies (printed & emailed) of birth certificate, license, passport, phone numbers, international driving permit, visa photos, vaccinations, lodging addresses, & U.S. embassy numbers and locations.
** Most of these items were purchased from,, and/or Eddie Bauer and REI have excellent plus size options.
***I will make an amendment if something needs to be omitted due to overpacking!!!!

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