My Copper Peptide Routine (The Ordinary Buffet + Copper Peptide)

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00:00 – Intro

01:53 – First Cleanse
🔹Butters Hygienics Cleansing Oil* –
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🔹Three Ships Cotton Rounds* –

03:38 – Second Cleanse
🔹Rosen Super Smoothie Cleanser –

04:59 – Lip Balm
🔹Alpyn Beauty Willow & Agave Lip Mask* –

05:49 – Toner
🔹Anua Heartleaf Toner –
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07:10 – Eye Mask
🔹Florence By Mills Swimming Under the Eyes –

08:30 – Skincare Device
🔹Medicube ATS Air Shot* –

09:56 – Serum
🔹The Ordinary Buffet + Copper Peptide –

I really think these are better, in general:
Matrixyl –
Argireline –

12:52 – Eye Cream
🔹Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment –

14:02 – Moisturizer
🔹Donginbi Moisture + Firming Cream (in set)* –

14:24 – Outro

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  1. On the topic of copper PEPTIDES I use currently the Dr Loren Pickarts Super CP Serum. Finicky product in general as it pills if you use too much and doesn't always play well with other products… Which is annoying, but I find it really helps when I'm experiencing breakouts or my skin barrier is compromised.

  2. Hii! Did you had any makeup at the beginning? if you did what did you used or where can i find you morning makeup routine? beautiful glow Thank youuu^^

  3. Can anyone tell me how TO copper buffet peptides compare to the Niod CAIS? I am currently using niod CAIS and i love that it has a watery texture that absorbs instantly, so I can layer my skincare products easily over it. How does TO texture feel compared to Niod? I wish I could continue using Niod but the price is putting me off.

  4. I have been using the biossance copper peptide serum. I like it but I am not sure yet what I think about results. I squished it into my routine in the mornings by using my vitamin C every other day. Although my current vitamin Cs are both derivatives so it might be okay?

    I use Matrixyl and Argireline at night. When I was using those last summer I noticed great results, and then started trying a bunch of other peptide serums and not having a lot of luck, honestly. So I went back.

    My skin is being weird and I think it's that we are moving definitively into warm weather. My face is like "wait we just got over fall! What is this? SWEAT??? EWWW. Here are some pimples."

  5. I've incorporated copper peptides on an every four day basis, as I use Tretinoin every other day and on the off day alternate between acids or peptides. Hard to say what does what with all the products I use though 🙂 But it's less complicated planning and quite consistent.

  6. Hey, wandering why you think copper peptides shouldn't be used along a retinoid? Its compatible in terms of ph. I personally didn't encounter any evidence of a problem with that.

  7. Please do a dedicated video on the Air Shot. I’m on their website and can’t figure out what type of energy is used. Is this gimmick or something truly new?! I’d love to know how this differs from LED and microcurrent.

  8. Really insightful review, Alice. I just placed an order from Sephora a couple days ago, and let me tell you, I pondered for a long time about purchasing The Ordinary Buffet with Copper Peptides. I've wanted this product for months, but I always had so many other products to use up before I could feel justified in making the purchase. However, this time around, I was in the mood to just buy things that I've wanted for a long time–one example is the Dior Backstage Rosy Glow Blush–which I purchased for my daughter last year, but had still hadn't purchased for myself. Anyway, after thinking about it for a long time, and reading all the requirements/exceptions/warnings when using this product, I decided that maybe I would pass on this product. And then your video came out and I felt totally supported in my decision!

  9. I have a breakout and I just cleansed with Aveeno and put on e.l.f happy hydration creme with Niacinimide 5% , vit E , then cosrx snail mucin and Altruist SPF50+ with Niacinimide and vit E .c

  10. Update : came in front my lunch and noticed that I infact had a new pimple on my jawline. So idk I'm not repurchasing either too funny of a product to use . Maybe I'll use it in my hair or undereyes

  11. I've been using this cooper peptide also. I'm not interested in these rules. Too many I used this morning before I laid down with curtains pulled. The Faded Serum with Tranexamic Acid with kojic Acid too. Oh with low grade Curology. . 01 retinay with the cooper peptides. I just don't care anymore. Like I got two bottles of it . So no worries it's all good . May be a hair more drier for it but the zit I had is gone.

  12. I actually do love copper peptides but I am spoiled on the Niod ond after using it. And they are tricky to use considering how finicky they are as an ingredient so I actually used to Microneedle my skin every 6 weeks and the combination of that with the copper peptides did make a difference in the firmness of my skin. That was the main benefit I noticed. Not gonna lie, my skin looked amazing during that period but it's been awhile since I did that whole routine.

  13. On Miras channel and FB page we've done alot of deep dives into Pickard and copper peptides. I'm on my 2nd bottle of NCN 2nd generation and use when it's a off tret night and after needling.
    What are your thoughts on NIOD SOD?

  14. I just finished 2 bottles of TO copper peptide, but not quite sure if it did anything beneficial to my skin. So I will go back to the regular TO buffet serum, which I found at least more moisturizing than the copper one, and with less hassle to pair with other products such as retinol at night.

  15. After hearing/reading all the back and forth and much fretting…I decided to sometimes use Buffet + Copper Peptides with Tretinoin lol. I figured if Gothamista sometimes uses copper peptides with tret than why not (i know i know not the best approach I was probably just looking for ways to justify it). I think I've gotten good results (and my skin seems to look worse when B + CP is out of my routine) if my skin is feeling particularly sensitive I won't use them together. I don't use it with my L-AA or exfoliating acids (unless I washed the latter off).

    I am super interested in that gadget but currently saving up for a LED mask is my top skin gadget priority. So many shiny expensive things.

  16. Thank you so much for posting this! And I totally feel you with the undertone thing. Especially when I start to tan (or start to lose my tan in the fall) I go through a phase where I look super yellow. I’ve considered getting Buffet + Copper Peptides, a little for the challenge, but I guess part of me thought that it must have amazing benefits if it requires such a change in routine for many people. After watching this, I don’t think I’m going to try it. I don’t have major issues with any of the things it claims to help with, or I use other products that target the things the copper peptides do. Thank you for doing this for us!

  17. Yes, copper peptides do seem finicky. I've seen some folks say you can do one or the other (copper peptide or retinol) nightly but I've also seen an article saying you can use copper peptides and retinol but not prescription tretinoin and you have to apply copper pep then retinol. I've also heard that copper peptides can be used with vit c derivatives (or at least some like THD) so it's probably just better to get a peptide moisturizer and call it a day.

  18. I did one round of NIOD Copper Peptide and did not see anything promising enough to keep using it. I do use the 10% Argeraline and am busting out DE Protini as soon as my current daytime moisturizer runs out, so I’m stacked on peptides.

  19. I purchased the ordianry copper peptides towards the beginning of this year and unfortunatly did not finish it before the 6month use by indication because of its finnickyness lol! It did work amazingly around my eyes however, and then i didnt have to make a whole special routine! I've been ACHING to try that Anua toner- thank you for the review as well! They just popped up on jolse so I may grab it soon when it inevitably goes on sale!! I also need an excuse to wear a pink wig to celebrate tuesday- let me know if there are any holidays coming up! also i didnt know the science james webb guy was into skincare good for him!

  20. I agree that copper peptides are too much of a hassle to add to my skincare routine. I use my retinol every night to help with my forehead lines and acne, so adding copper peptides to my routine is kind of a mess for me.

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