my dog has Cancer – Cannabis / Marijuana for dogs

This is an interview with Peter Ciancarelli from King Harvest Wellness Cannabis products. In it we discuss different aspects of using marijuana for pets. Should we be scared of using THC. Who does it benefit and considerations when looking for a brand of oil.

*** CBD/THC products carried in GRAPE SEED EXTRACT is POISONOUS for dogs! ***

When my dog Rush got diagnosed with Cancer, Cannabis was the first thing I thought of. So I ran to the Cannabis store (Canadian style) and bought the only bottle of THC CBD oil they had… but that’s not the best idea.

What do you think?

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  1. Great video. A retired nurse friend suggested Peters canine cancer page. Our dog Elly has TCC, functions normally, not in pain. The vet showed me one of the 2 masses just “inside” her. CHemo was suggested every 3-4 weeks, rest of her life. Not only would it make her miserable, but it’s very expensive and we are on a tight budget. We talked to Peter via phone and he was extremely informative!! We decided to go with the Kings Harvest. She’s been on it 4 days now, I even got a few ACDC gummies for my own health issues. ACDC was suggested for me and hard to find here in Oklahoma. We hope Ellys cancer will be held at bay or better yet halted. THANK YOU PETER and KINGS HARVEST!! I’ll be keeping him updated on the page. Linda and David Elston, Okla

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