My Hydrating & Exfoliating Body Skincare Routine: PMD Clean, Some By Mi, Bioderma, & More!

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My body skincare routine is just as important as the skincare routine I do on my face. I love to use a variety of products that are hydrating and exfoliating to get super smooth, soft skin. Watch this video to see all the products I use from PMD, Bioderma, Some By Mi, Sachajuan, and more! Tell me the products you use in your body skincare routine in the comments.

🔹PMD Clean Body
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🔹Bioderma Atoderm Cleansing Shower Oil
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🔹Some by Mi AHA BHA PHA Body Cleanser
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🔹NATURIUM Hyaluronic Acid Essence 2%
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🔹Lancer Advanced Retinol Treatment
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🔹Supergoop Forever Young Body Butter SPF 40
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🔹Sachajuan Body Lotion
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🔹Biocorneum Advanced Scar Treatment SPF 30
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  1. Hi! I have a question, could I use the bioderma shower oil for my face or is it to harsh? I am loving the niacinamide, vitamine C and E that it has and it is easier (and cheaper with the shipment) to find in my country. I love your channel and your tips, great content and thanks for your sweet vibe!

  2. I don't like the ingredients in any of these. PEG 100 is toxic bcz its contaminated, phenoxyethanol is a harmful preservative, retinol was way down the list of ingredients……etc etc.

  3. Yeah my body skin care is pretty much the same as a man that believes skin and body care is for woman. We’re talking I use old spice, and nothing else. Maybe that’s why my skin is so dry.

  4. I really love this video was very informative on what to use for my own body skin care routine. Could you do a video on what products to use for breast acne and chest acne. I don’t really trust just searching on the internet but I really trust your opinion!

  5. KP/ back of arm bumps. Need a LOT of animal based vitamin A. I tried everything. It works. Its a deficiency & most people cannot convert retinols into active vitamin A.

  6. Susan, I have very dry skin (due to medications/auto immune disease), I am interested in using the Bioderma shower oil cleanser. Does it leave the shower slippery? I live will my parents (who are in their 70's) and I don't want to use something that will leave the shower slippery for the next person. Thanks in advance for your answer!

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