my verryyy realistic morning routine with a newborn and 2 toddlers…

This is what mornings are really like around the Dashley home… Thank you to Athletic Greens for being an essential part of our morning, get yours here and get 5 free travel packs plus vitamin d3 k2!

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  1. I’m sure your home schooling is great but the most important learning for children 3-5 is developing social skills & peer relationships & that predominantly is learnt playing & interacting in a group of similar aged peers maybe some preschool outside the home would be really stimulating for therm in addition to your homeschooling.

  2. They have a saying about methods of doing things… "It's only crazy if it's not working." Clearly what you're doing is working, so girl…I APPLAUD you for that! ❤️ Let them have a freaking cookie in the morning! Like you said, it's once a day…not all day long.

  3. Who in tne world decided that breakfast was only breakfast foods and dinner in meat and veges. Who said dessert is not the first meal of the day. As long as it is in moderation then who cares what time of day it is eaten

  4. listen when your children talk to ghost… i was one of those children and noone listened to me… one ghost tried to make me do bad things and he was mean to me for a yr then we moved cause mom saw a differense and felt something wasnt right

  5. Was that weird or what a our George talking his friend living in the wall named “Gino” who told him the name of his city is “Stinky something” because he smells & stinks? I got some weird vibes from that for some reason and I play pretend make believe with my granddaughter all the time. It just felt a bit too real. My thought. Comments?

  6. I think it's smart to let them have the choice of when they eat their dessert, and who cares if they choose to eat a cookie first thing in the morning? They are getting all the nutrition they need still, and they can get rid of any extra sugar energy before bed!

  7. My daughter in law, since becoming a single mom after my son passed away and food was a chore with my sweet Teagan. Anyways she started a 3 bite rule because otherwise she would whine and cry and say she didn't like it or it would make her sick. When a meal is prepared she can't say I don't like what ever because she knows the 3 bite rule. First bite to try it. Second bite to make sure and after the third bite Teagan can say Yes, I like it or no thank you.
    She would use the excuse my daddy wouldn't make me or my daddy would fix me this is that. Or I want my daddy to come back from Heaven and take care of me. Sweet Teagan now knows she must follows momma's rules. She has found she likes all the things she told mom she didn't.

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