New Skincare + Amazing Tips Over 50

New Skincare + Amazing Tips Over 50
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Eyelash Growth Serum

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M O R E T O W A T C H ⤵
⊛ Beginning Skincare Playlist
⊛ 5 Things That Happened When I Started Shaving My Face
⊛ No More Puffy Under Eye Bags
⊛ DIY Vitamin C Serum
⊛ Best Concealer Trick Over 50
⊛ Tips to Lift the Face Over 50:


MITO – Red Light Therapy

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Nebulyft at Home Radio Frequency

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JUPITER – My favorite CBD Oil (for creaky joints & stress!)

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CITY BEAUTY – The BEST Plumping Lip Gloss + Neck Firming Cream, Invisicrepe!!
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DRMTLGY – My favorite Sunscreen

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BK Beauty Brushes
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Sleep & Glow Pillow – Stop face creasing and sleep wrinkles

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  1. I will have to give this lip balm/mask a try. I have tried just about everything out on the market and nothing seems to work for me. I go through tubs of lip sleeping balms. I drink sooooo much water and that doesn't help either. My lips are just so dry. Thank you for the tip I will be trying this one out.

  2. Always remember ladies when using the Hyaluronic acid to use it on moist skin. As a humectant it needs moisture to work effectively otherwise it’s going to dry out your skin. I use mine after cleansing before my serums.

  3. Please watch "The Truth About Hyaluronic Acid" YouTube video by Dr. Shereene Idriss. HA is NOT the great plumping agent it's purported to be. It's a cheap ingredient added by manufacturers to boost sales by creating a quick fix. Long term, daily use will actually DEhydrate your skin.
    Also, a product that provides "a nice slip" is actually providing an occlusive layer. It will render your subsequent serums ineffective, because it prevents full penetration of serums.
    It's wise to look at the science, not the marketing hype. Science doesn't want your hard-earned cash, skincare companies do.

  4. I started using Hado Labo products a couple years back on the recommendation of dermatologist, Dr Andrea Dray (You tuber whose following has grown exponentially).
    Thank you Kimberly for your terrific videos. Your following has also grown considerably. Keep up the great content!

  5. Kimberley, you have a very friendly, cheerful yet professional delivery style. Watching your videos is always a pleasant experience. Your genuine nature shines through.

  6. I did order the Hada Labo Premium Hyaluronic Acid lotion; it contains PARABENS. Sent it back. I feel that if one is eating only organic…your cosmetics should also not contain endocrine disruptors/cancer-causing agents.

  7. Have you changed your opinion about your prior bifida recommendation in the brown bottle? I just purchased and have been using that one for a few weeks. I am not quite sure what results I am looking for.

  8. Can you do an updated video of your day and night routines with these new products? I use Curology at night and I’m not sure how to work in toners, serums and moisturizers with it. Thank you!

  9. GREAT video! Thanks for all the great information. Also, your hair looks SO full today. It always looks beautiful but today so full. Did you back comb or is it the new hair products. Beautiful as always Kimberly! Excited about the new skincare products!

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