Overdoses from marijuana edibles rise in children

There’s a rising trend in young children accidentally consuming marijuana edibles at home. Doctors are warning parents to keep the edibles out of reach. Jeff Pegues reports.

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Written by CBS Evening News


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  1. So this woman needs THC to sleep? THC puts you in a "deep sleep" and reduces the amount of REM sleep. She is a mother for goodness sake. She should be taking melatonin which is a natural hormone produced by your body. She should take a melatonin supplement to aid that hormone in putting her into a more natural state of sleep. And then she takes the THC as a gummy and makes them available within reach for her child. Very sad. And my advice to her would be skip the THC and find a more natural sleep aid product such as melatonin.

  2. It's not just weed Make sure They know they're not allowed to have it knives Cigarettes Alcohol And many more Keeping it locked up is a good start let them know they can't have it Let's be responsible for our weed Please

  3. Because parents too lazy to put them out of reach, too arrogant to think "THEIR" kids will get into them, the parents should be charged with negligent attempted homicide from stupidity. Yes, I'm a cancer survivor with a card!!!

  4. so… 15 gummies are about 150g of THC. That's MASSIVE even for a regular user. In a child, it's got to be much more potent. Narcan doesn't do anything bc it's not an opioid. However, what happened? He cried in his crib. Then he got better. They never go into what occurred or what treatment was done. Sure, it's scary! No doubt it is the first time you overdose on THC. However, is it a health crisis?? I say "no" unless health officials show that the side effects cause harm.

  5. Really? You are just figuring this out? Cannibis has been legel for years now, 2014 for Oregon, and in 2021 you are now just reporting on this issue! Seriously, how could not see this back when you legalized marijuana, come on, use some common sense here!!

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