Phil Tries Gravel Racing (Sort of) – Rebecca's Private Idaho – Part 1

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  1. If you haven't seen Blood Road it is a must watch. Even if cycling isn't your thing, it's a very interesting movie. Listening to the Vietnamese refer to the war as "The American War", just like we call it the "Vietnamese War" is enlightening. When Rebecca finally got to visit the actual point where her fathers plane impacted the ground, and how incredibly gracious her Vietnamese host were is very emotional and touching.

  2. Thanks for bringing that out. Thanks for bringing out the Buffalo as well. I've proudly bought at least five and the World Bicycle Relief videos are great! People should go out and see what a 55 pound bicycle can do!

  3. I had the chance to do a pre-ride of the Leadville Columbine climb with Rebecca in 2015. She was so gracious and approachable it was very confidence inducing. She is a great rider but even more important a great person.

  4. Curious if you comment to other riders on their fit. The rider around 1:15 is rocking pretty badly side to side on the saddle, and you being a seasoned pro must see stuff like that. Do you ever say anything or are you just a guy riding for these events and out for fun?

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