PLANT OF LIFE CBD Oil for anxiety, stress, pain relief & sleep: product overview, try, specs, review

Happy Holidays Friends! Are you stressed out? Have chronic pain? Thinking about trying CBD oil for whatever other reasons? I have a long review for you (re-shot and re-edited several times over and months in the making!) I go over the specs and Plant of Life’s product line and share my experience (including a fun story + bonus footage). Does it help? Short answer: every body is different, I felt some benefits.

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▬ 🕑 timestamps ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
0:00 intro
1:33 Save 15%: JessCuz15
1:56 Plant of Life sustainability
2:28 What is CBD oil? benefits?
4:46 What does my Dr think?
5:02 Third party tested + other ingredients
5:54 Packaging, returns
6:13 Product Line Overview
6:40 CBD Oil drops
7:11 Full Spectrum Solution
8:30 How to use the oil
10:08 Lab reports (third party tested)
11:54 THC free oil
12:16 Fast Relief CBD: nano spray + disposable pen
14:18 Pet oils & treats
15:09 CBD Heal stick
16:43 THC free gummy bears
16:49 Product Reviews!
27:20 Which are my favourites?
27:46 Outro
28:21 Bonus

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All opinions are my own and are representative of my experience. For entertainment purposes only!

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LENS Summilux 15mm 1.7f
MICROPHONE Rode Wireless Go
TRIPOD Manfrotto (mine is DISC but I’d get this)
STRAP Peak Design Lite (Ash)
^ but black
GIMBAL Zhiyun Weebil S

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  1. Sorry to hear that you are having these issues Jess. CBD has some evidence for helping with musculoskeletal issues and for help with stress management and anxiety.
    From your IG I know you also practice Yoga, is Pilates part of your fitness routine? A great Pilates instructor can do wonders for issues arising from core instability or specific muscle group weakness.
    Thank you for another educational and entertaining video.

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