Pure Kana Mint 1000mg

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  1. Ive been using Cloud PHarms CBD.. They've great 1st time customer starter package with CBD, CBD pain balm& cbd lip balm.. This is the ONLY CBD that I felt helped me with my anxiety…
    For me personally i don't feel a whole lot from the CBD I take but I know it helps with my pain level because I'm able to do much more because of it..
    However I will make a point of mentioning that I find that CBD pain balm is what works best for myself.. so when u rub a decent amount of CBD pain balm into a sore spot, you'll find relief from it, IF it's a REAL CBD..
    That's one way to tell if the CBD you bought is real& actually works..feel free to check them out!

  2. For 20% off all PureKana products use code PK20 also get free shipping @ or other best CBD brand that is a medical grade true full spectrum is NULEAF that you can find on our site

  3. I have General Anxiety disorder caused by years or working in a high stress and dangerous environment. I have random, non-triggered anxiety attacks. When they first started a few months back they could last for several days. Pretty horrifying if you previously never had an anxiety history. However through mentally recognizing the onset and using CBD oil I have been able to wrangle in these episodes to the point when they do happen it's only uncomfortable and doesn't impact my activites. I personally think CBD is better than any meds my Doc wanted to put me on.

  4. The worst customer service in the business. Place an order wait 5-6 days before any response to calls and e-mails, than get told you are on back-order, folks this is a middle man not a real businesses and they only do this on the weekends, NICE! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE!

  5. Be aware that you only absorb 20% of the CBD. So if you take 100mg of CBD, you just absorb 20mg not 100mg.

    When you vape CBD it absorbs almost all of the CBD. Thus saving money and the best way to get the most CBD for a cheap price.

    The only bad thing about vaping CBD is it is just CBD alone and nothing else such as other canabanoids that are in full spectrum CBD oil. Some can tell a difference between full spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate which is just CBD alone.

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