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cute rabbit bunny rabbit has his play day with all the new things around he is loving all the new smells. Binky loves to play out. He is a bunny that is full of fun. Binky is a Netherland Lionhead Dwarf bunny he is three years old. I have had him since he was just six weeks and five days. he is not caged and he sleeps in my bed. He has epilepsy but is on his siezure free journey loving life after I introduced Seizure Pet from Homeoanimal combined with CBD also his herb feeding entirely other than his pellets. Herbs he has are things like Lemon balm, Confery and the more unusual herbs along with the usual ones. He also likes his fruit leaves and his fave regular fruit is the superfruit Blueberry. He is a very happy bunny loving his life. I like how he steals plants in the garden then looks at me like yes what? lol
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  1. Your garden is amazing and Binky's house is fantastic. The bit where Binky stops and cleans his face with his little hands was so cute I thought I might explode!! Why would Binky be worried about the cats his big brother Mushroom has his back and his big sis is a dog so what are those silly cats ever going to do!!!! I wanted to run something by you, later in the year we will be starting the next series of Power Cats and I have some big plans for new characters and I've had an idea about all three of your furbabies. When I was a kid there was a cartoon called "Captain Bucky O'hare" who was a super hero with his crew and I was planning on making "Captain Binky O'hare" with his crew (Mushroom and Suzie) I want to make it like Guardians of the Galaxy with them flying around in there own ship and saving the day. I know that at times things are tough for you so I don't want to stress you out, all I would really need is some shots of them against a clear background, like a plain wall or a sheet with the camera propped up. It won't be for a few months so there is loads of time. Let me know what you think, my email is Sorry to waffle on.

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