here’s a video in which I am wearing Earliglow:
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  1. The Lifter Gloss in Ice is the best lip gloss at the drug store. Please give it another try. And this is coming from a guy who doesn't wear make up. It is fuss free and extremely plumping.

  2. I've had the clear tower 28 gloss for a year and a half and my doe foot is not green! it's also still tasting good so considering there's been questions as to the longevity of some of their products i feel confident saying the glosses are lasting a good while.

  3. So not to scare you, but I think the green tint on the doe foot of the Tower gloss is Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria. It loves to form bio films and produces a green tint. It has a sweet grape-like odor. And natural stuff often won’t have great preservatives. I’d throw it out personally. :/

  4. I only have three lipglosses…I've always felt like it's a tool and I don't need more than a couple. Now I'm kind of questioning that because I have very pigmented lips and I could use something that tones them down while giving a bit of shine…The original fenty glossbomb does that for me, but I've had it since it launched. Might be time to try something new…

  5. my clear tube of the tower 28 gloss also has the green colour happening on the applicator. It’s had me freaked out so I googled it and apparently its common, but others are saying their clear tube is fine soooo it might be time for me to chuck mine 🙁

  6. I love lip gloss! I grabbed a Lisa Eldridge one as soon as I could but I have to say I'm disappointed with how sticky it is, I find it really messy 🙁 it looks great as long as I'm working from home and I have my hair up though haha

  7. I'm the same with gloss I can't deal with an opaque or pigmented gloss. To me an opaque gloss is a lip lacquer not a gloss. My favorite glosses are those with just a hint of color. My bottom lip is substantially larger than my top so when I rub my lips together lip products have a tendency to smear outside the top lip line. I end up looking like a 3 year old applied it lol. So sheer is the only way to go and not look messy.

  8. I would think that the paddle turning green would have to do with metals in the glitter oxidizing, but I have a humanities degree and haven't done any research so who knows

  9. I'm more of an opaque gloss person, I think, because they're more like a liquid lipstick but without the matte finish. That said, I also love the (sadly discontinued) NARS Velvet Lipglide formula because it's not matte like most liquid lipsticks are but isn't shiny like glosses are.

  10. I want to donate to your channel's budget for reviewing makeup. you're so thorough and honest that I've dodged a couple of bad purchases. this would be so on brand w the anti spending theme of your channel. cz even tho you'd be buying more things, you'd be truly reviewing them.
    and you can always use disposable utensils to use the makeup, so then you can donate em w/o having to worry abt contamination.
    btwn this and fixing fav makeup that doesn't work anymore you'd emphatically help ppl avoid spending when a tweak can help the product to become usable.

  11. I love the phrase "comfortable abundance!" It really tells the story of what I want in my life in so many categories. It says to me plenty without too much, because too much is also uncomfortable.

  12. I also prefer a sheer gloss, my favourites are the fenty gloss bomb in hot chocolit and the colourpop lip oil (it's a thin sheer gloss lol) in the neon orange one. Highly recommend both!
    I dont own much gloss because I tend to just use the ones I love all the time, almost out of the fenth one now

  13. I have not purchased the Tower 28 clear gloss with sparkles, however I do just have the normal clear gloss from them (I think it's called Chill?) and I do not experience that issue with the green applicator. I've had the gloss for over a year now with no issues, so it must be something weird with the sparkles.

  14. I like highly pigmented lipglosses. My lips have less pigment towards the middle and depending upon the day the line between the two colors can be pretty stark.

  15. A little surprised to see you supporting hourglass. I’ll leave it at that because I don’t think I have to explain why. You’re channel is amazing and I love it for how mindfully you usually speak about the things you purchase or review.

  16. I finally picked up a Maybelline Lifter gloss, (in the whitish/clear shade) after hearing much hype, and I have to say, it is nice. I don't like the shimmer in many of them, though. I also am really on the lip oil train these days. I got the Pomegranate and Cranberry one from Ulta that's almost clear, upon the recommendation of Andrea Matillano. I literally just finished placing an order with ColourPop right now for one of the new neon pink lip oils, and I recently got Bengal, which I like a lot. I can't wear lipstick. I don't know why, it has just never, ever, ever flattered me. So I'm trying to up my lip color with glosses and oils now.

  17. Another incredible helpful review. I've been super interested in glosses recently and have been thinking about what to get the next time I get some. I love a super nourishing gloss that I don't have to fuss with.

  18. I was needing a replacement for the Milani Ludicrous gloss, and the Revlon might be it. Feel like 2001 with my love for glosses these days. Just bought the mini Juicy Tubes and can't wait to wear them!

  19. I really dislike the phrase "letting something go" when decluttering. It sounds way too generous for the act of dumping something. I understand the desire of having fewer nicer things but we should keep a little bit of a guilty feeling around when trashing things because we made a bad purchase.

  20. I recently bought the Earliglow gloss from Erin’s faces and was surprised to find no strawberry smell with mine. Might reach out to Erin’s faces and see if they changed anything about the formula or if I got a dud somehow? Still love it and use it all the time, but I’m one of those people who loves makeup products that smell nice and was most looking forward to that when buying this lip gloss. We’ll see what they say. Love, love the whole vibe of the company also. The owner seems like such a lovely person!

  21. Hannah have you seen the new Glossier bronzer Solar Paint? I am more excited to know your thoughts and review than the actual product! The lightest shade might be light enough for you.

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