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  1. I´ve been binge-watching all of the videos in your channel and I love it. It is so interesting to get educated on what the actives on the products we use mean. I will try to put together a skin care routine but at the same time I will check in with my dermatologist after I´ve made a list of all the products to get the approval to use. Thank you for the content!

  2. I don't like Fenty skin at all. I think it's overhyped because of Rihanna. They really have nothing new to offer other than the name. They should just stick to makeup coz they make bomb af highlighters, blushes, and lippies.

  3. Hello, I noted all the brands you spoke about are not professional skin care, meaning (Target status), do you ever do reviews on brands such as Neo Genesis, Rhonda Allison, Michelle Corley, Botnia etc?

  4. i bought MANY sir ives products since i have very sensitive skin and i trusted it, next day i was balling my eyes out since my skin was BRIGHT red and i got a pill and stuff

  5. Your complaint about The Ordinary is specifically the reason I LOVE The Ordinary.
    I find that so few basic products (cleansers, toners, moisturizers, etc.) actually target my problem areas, or they do it too harshly. But TO's simplistic "supplemental" approach is what allows me to use them in combination with gentle basics (like CeraVe).
    This means I don't have to worry about destroying my moisture barrier with a cleanser, because I can add a gentle exfoliant or treatment into my routine, and cease use whenever my skin needs a break or I wish to target a more prominent skincare concern… Without needing to find a whole new cleanser.
    I absolutely love this approach to skincare. The Ordinary is so versatile and, in my opinion, offers more than MOST brands in terms of treatments for problem skin.
    Just look at their line of Vitamin C products, or Retinol, or Salicylic Acid — there's no one size fits all. They specifically create multiple products to appeal to all sorts of different skintypes, preferences, and sensitivities.
    If product A doesn't suit Suzy but suits Jenny, product B might work better for Suzy than it does Jenny…. And Laura who finds product A and B not effective, well she thinks product C is her Holy Grail.

    Sorry… I'm not a fangirl. I'm actually quite new to The Ordinary… Or, rather, jumped on rather late anyway. But in many ways I think they're under rated. Or under appreciated, I should say.

    That's saying a lot, seeing as I typically steer CLEAR of 'trending' and viral products and brands. (Sorry Glow Recipe, Claudalie, and YTTP.)

  6. I used proavrivd ba k in my teen years when I had severe cystic acne and it literally was such a fkn chore and did NOTHING for my face. I now just use berts bees soap and Nivea lotion and my skin is FINALLY clear after like 20 yrs. Tomorrow, I'm going to order the Keys Soulcare line. Can't fkn wait! Didn't even know Alicia Keys had a skincare line and they're prices aren't horrendous

  7. Have you tried the Derma E line? They are supposed to be vegan clean and all natural. They are my introduction to skincare and I love their line but I don’t have anything to compare them to. I would recommend trying the lavender color line with peptides and flora collagen. I mix it up with their ultra DMAE line on occasion since I am older, and the blue line of Hyleronic does a good job of giving you a dewy look. They have some great exfoliating products too.

  8. I get that your take is basically straight out of the Paula’s choice handbook. Literally they have a handbook about ingredients. And yet some can use “irritant” essential oils to odd success; just like Botox is a toxin. Everyone’s skin varies. It’s funny as lush’s fav product of mine is their peppermint foot lotion (but I can also do without it as long as I have arnica oil to add to whatever). That category took me out as I do that; Kiehl’s is on my feet rn. Soooo many brands you’ve missed. I agree with most but Neutrogena & Clinique are a category lower, never heard of Krave…checked them out, not entirely convinced. Badescu mist is not top tier but is cost effective. The pink mask from Origins is the only decent thing, even then it’s meh. Agree soooo much about The Ordinary as skin supplements. Cannot wait to see you cover more products. This barely scratches any surface.

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