Reptilian Channel, Draconian Empire, ET Hybridization with Anthony from Canadian Awareness

This weeks episode we have ​Anthony from CANADIAN AWARENESS We discuss being a Reptilian Channeler, Draconian Empire, ET Hybridization and much more. Don’t miss it!

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  1. Canadian Awareness is known to be no BS type of guy, he doesn't filter info or repeats other peoples info.. His seminars and live speaking are out of this fkn world. Powerful reptilian energy and representation. I can see how Ashtar GFL delusional fanatics would get triggered.

  2. I think the only thing I truly 100% agree with him is the dangers of A.I.
    I will agree A.I. is the greatest threat to our survival.

  3. Keep your iPhones!!! Stop abducting and enslaving our people! Ask the pleadians how nice reptilians have been to their people. Let's hear that testimony! Oh no….being a reptilian-worshipping satanist is the new agenda!

  4. Check out James Bartley's channel if you think they do nothing negative to people. This guy is so angry and arrogant insulting an entire group of spiritualists but he doesn't want anyone to talk about their negative experiences with reptilians. Hypocrisy????

  5. He can't acknowledge ANY SHADOW SIDE of reptilian races. I'm sorry but that's a huge red flag. To not acknowledge their abductions of humans or even eating and raping kids. Really? We're just going to ignore they eat our babies like a delicacy? I know there are good/ally reptilians, but he is using a huge brush stroke saying they're all good and loyal.

  6. He's talking to a specific race. Perhaps they communicate in a different manner than spirits or the angelic realm. Just a thought. He's probably got quite a bit of reptilian dna which is why they choose to talk to him. Doesn't mean he has stronger abilities than anyone else.

  7. Lol where did you get this guy from, sounds like a reptilian propaganda agent, not saying he's good or bad but I can see right through his conviction, what's a being that's limited to the 4th dimension to a being that has all the dimensions in him…

  8. Dear Ryder and team, sincere appreciation and respect, much appreciate your time and it was a pleasure speaking with you tonight. Regards from Canada to all of your viewers.

  9. As a non-trance channeler, I cantell you this guest is a powerful human, and there was more than 1 reptilian with him energetically. A great example of a channeler who perfected his dark & light energy.

  10. I just subscribed. The caliber of this speaker is outstanding. Sick and tired of weak speakers who talk shit and pretty statements.. etc Anthony is a fucking power house with info

  11. Fantastic show, just excellent. I was glued to the monitor. A speaker who is brave & filled with knowledge, more deeper knowledge the normal.

  12. I know this speaker. Trigger warning to all pro galactic federation followers lol lol this guy is hardcore, realist!

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