Richardson father risks freedom to promote cannabis treatments for his daughter

A few times a month, Mark Zartler of Richardson, Texas commits a crime that helps his daughter who cannot help herself.

17 years ago, Christy Zartler gave birth to twin girls.

“When they came home, Keeley, her twin, came home first,” said Christy. “Three days Kara followed her.”

From there, they began the difficult, years-long task of learning how to treat Kara’s Cerebral Palsy and severe Autism. There are a slew of her pills on their kitchen counter. Antipsychotics and enzymes and sleep aids. Still, few things helped fight off the worst of her symptoms.

A neighbor first suggested years ago that cannabis could ease Kara’s symptoms. Mark then found that by grinding marijuana buds, and heating them to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, it created the vapor that serves as an immediate rescue response to his daughter’s most violent behavior.


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  1. It's just not right that every idiot can smoke as long as they slap up a cop when someone beautiful little girl can't when she's the only one out of them that benefits from it probably it hurts my heart people suffering

  2. I feel for this dad man I hope he gets laws change so that he can do this in public so that she can really fully enjoy life

  3. This is why I hate the law when I father is desperate to save his child he can be punished regardless on the positive results the government don't care they just want the money they make for every pill your described much respect for this father I hope everything works out well for him and his family

  4. I worked with a client who was non verbal, and was epileptic like this girl but grown 30…for 4 years he would have episodes seizures. His mom was fed up so she got him this liquid that was derived from canibis and we put it in his drinks. Honestly saved his life no more seizures or episodes. They really need to do more research on this stuff.

  5. Poor parents and poor kid. I couldn't imagine being in their position . Who is going to care for her when they are gone? I'm a republican conservative but put him in jail? That would be insane.

  6. The only criminal thing about marijuana is that the government doesn’t allow people to use it to help save their children. I’ve seen children literally be cured of multiple cancer tumours just by taking cbd oil. Cured.

  7. i see a man doing nothing but trying to help his daughter. He is doing absolutely amazing and is only trying to help her. Amazing family.

  8. To think this was illegal at one point, who knows how many medical advancements we would have discovered off cannabis early on

  9. It's a natural plant, unlike the ACTUAL man made drugs
    Father of the Year!
    Shouldn't even be illegal, Recreational or Medical, it's beneficial and brings peace
    [I don't need a critic trying to fact check cause I'm not dead nor abusive to it, so mind yours]
    I have Congenital Glaucoma blindness and marijuana has been beautiful to my cataracts and Pressures, so to the non-smokers, don't knock it till you try it.
    Not everyone is made to smoke so if not, just stay out of Stoners parks.

  10. I didn't watch the video, but I can say with certainty this guy needs to be in prison. Actually tbh drug dealers deserve lethal injection.

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