Rick Simpson Oil: Simmering RSO in Rice Cooker

On day 31 using Rick SImspon Oil (RSO). Here I make my third batch with indica strains. I just filmed the simmering part, but basically I do my best to follow the protocol in Rick Simpson’s book “Nature’s Answer for Cancer”.

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  1. Id recommend filling the rice cooker with water, then put a glass pan inside with the rso in it and a fan next to the pot.

  2. Your decarbing by cooking!! Add few drops water when you get down to thick oil with bubbles add few drops than

  3. For faster and better filtering you might try using a Büchner funnel with 6-10 micron cellulose filter disks. You can get a cheap little vacuum pump and it will pull and filter your cannabis solution through more efficiently and a lot faster. As far as decarbing your product you can either decarb your cannabis before you make the RSO and just evaporate the alcohol and not have to worry about decarbing during the evaporation process. But my favorite way to do it is to make the RSO without decarbing the cannabis, evaporating the alcohol at low temperatures in the rice cooker or on a coffee warmer, and then once all of the alcohol has been evaporated and your left with your RSO that hasn’t been decarbed yet, you will want to then put the RSO in the oven at 240 degrees for about 30-60 minutes (usually 45 mins) to decarb the RSO afterwards. It’s a lot less hassle and it’s easy to visually see when the decarbing is done because it will stop off-gassing bubbles unlike not being able to tell when you get an efficient decarb when decarbing cannabis flower. You won’t have to worry about any explosions or fire danger when putting it in the oven as long as all of the alcohol has been evaporated from the RSO first.

  4. When you get to the level it's at around the 16 min mark, put in a bowl over boiling water. Make sure its boiling. Then keep it on that heat, top up the water when it evaporates, and that will decarb it over time. Also stops any build up in the oven

  5. Use a cheesecloth and you'll be able to squeeze everything out of there a instead of a coffee filter or coffee thing from your coffee potcoffee I've always just never the carb the mine and then I hear from other people that it works better to carb and tonight's kind of funny I'm the decarb the other one and I'm not the car mean the other so I'll tell you which one works better the reason why he don't the car with a lot of times I think it's cuz we don't want to lose any in any THC any of the other cannabinoids because that's what heals cancer I know it's so busy I buzzed what if you use it for pain in only works for so long you need to make it stronger anyway so maybe that's the way happy smoke some good luck and sending good vibes your way and your family too have a great wonderful day

  6. I really think what you had left in the rice cooker at the end was done if it were no more bubbling action in the oil then its done, that's why i feel food grade ethanol or everclear is best as a solvent because even if there were a tiny bit of solvent still left in the oil it would not harm you, plus the oil is so anti poisonous that it would kill anything harmful….but all in all you did very well in my opinion, I've watched sooooo many different people making this oil and i always always follow rick simpson's method in producing this gift from the higher powers miracle medicine, it truly is a blessing and so is rick simpson for showing us how to heal ourselves without asking for money, he just wanted us all to know how to heal ourselves and not play the games that the medical industry wants us all to play. It is our right to heal ourselves naturally and help others to heal as well, you are doing something so amazing just please please teach everyone that you know and love how to produce this medicine my beautiful sister so that they in turn can teach other's and we can keep it going, let's all do our part in taking our health in our own hands and not put so much trust in these doctors who because of the elite, don't want us to heal ourselves naturally….it's all madness, oh it's a brilliant scam I'll give them that, but their time is running out as more and more people are waking up to the horrors of big pharma and the government. My apologies for the long comment sis, i wish you all good things and gr8 health, please continue on your journey of self healing….much love

  7. Hey there! Thank you so much for posting this video and all your other content that allows the sick & suffering how to learn & benefit from this wonderful plant.

  8. I use my bubble bags to filter my cannabis after alcohol extraction. I hate messing around with coffee filters.

  9. Decarb at 225 for 30 minutes in the oven. Get 99% isopropyl and cover decarbed weed in a quart jar for about an hour stirring continually. Or you can bring mixture in a double boiler to 150 internal temp. Once it reached 150 while being agitated your oil will already be almost black. Put on back porch w fan over it and let sit overnight. The following morning you’ll have RSO as all of the alcohol will be gone. Mix w 1/2 oz do MCT oil under double boiler back up to 150 and put in dropper or syringe and you’ll have the stuff

  10. 1 oz = 5-6 grams of oil ..French coffee press for inital strain ( no cheese cloth) , into a mason jar. then put a coffee filter onto the mason jar, screw on the open lid over the filter. then u can turn it upside down over another mason jar to filter into. just set it and let it strain. SOOOOO easy and no messs. then into the rice cooker. Everclear all the way… everclear will boil at 171deg , so decarb depends how much your cooking off and how long it takes.. I dont boil mine I steam it off , then decarb it in coconut oil. 1 oz coco oil to 3 gram concentrate . great for sleeping, relaxing.

  11. Did anybody else have the experience of not being able to eat,after working your way up and loosing 35 lb, in the process,and having to stop?

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