S2, E41: Embodying the Person You’re Becoming, Trust Falls with the Universe and Feminine…

Shoshanna Raven is a high level mentor for heart-centered leaders and coaches and beautiful soul. As one of my mentors, she has played a large role in me fully owning the video and podcast production side of my business. This conversation will invite you to trust yourself deeply.

To meet the, “Who am I to do this?” with, “Who am I NOT to do this? How could I NOT go for it?” Your dreams, creative visions, passions are too Sacred to not pursue.

Here are few topics we dive into:

Your mission being bigger than you and contemplating what kind of legacy you want to leave behind. Redefining risk and safety. How the ego gets in the way of your thriving. How sharing her Genital Herpes story helped break her free from shame. Quitting her finance job in NYC and buying a one way ticket to India. Rather than worrying about how it will go, what if you started thinking about how amazing everything is going to be? This episode will uplift you and encourage you to share your unique solutions and gifts with the world.

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