Seizures in Cats (What You Need to Know)

Pete Wedderburn, DVM explains the causes, symptoms, and treatment of seizures in cats. Whether your cat’s had a seizure before or not, it’s important to be prepared. With the right knowledge and forethought, you can ensure that your cat gets through the seizure without long-term health effects and help them to have a long, healthy life.

Read Dr. Pete Wedderburn’s guide to seizures in cats:

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  1. If your cat is having a seizure, please watch them closely while timing the duration of the convulsions. Contact your veterinarian as soon as possible for further advice and, if the seizure continues for more than a few minutes, rush your cat to an emergency vet.

  2. How long will it take for your cat to recover from the effects of a seizure? My Tiny is 6, almost 7, and just had one last night. Went to the emergency vet clinic, had them do the blood work, urine, all of that – nothing is showing up. His behavior has been different however, it's like he doesn't recognize me and it's hard for me to pet him. He's barely eaten since it happened, but I've managed to get some fluid in him. Does this last for days? Can a cat die after a seizure? I'm in uncharted territory here and the vet didn't answer my questions very well. I'm just frustrated and worried because he's my buddy and I'm scared that I'm going to lose him.

  3. Hi thanks for your video….I had to take my cat to the vet a month or so ago as she's about 11 now but generally happy and very friendly and needy and loves being with me at night in bed…..she started acting quite unusual and not herself so I took her to vet who run some blood work and gave a general check up and concluded she had a wee sore leg on the right side and also bad teeth and gum disease. She had a good scale and polish and the rotten tooth extracted and she was back to her normal self… but that was short lived. Recently I've been feeling like my house, particularly my bedroom has some demonic energy or activity going on. I have been trying to ignore it but its really being fed by my cats, but in particular this one. She has been acting really depressed through the day…..keeps laying on her side and just looks generally malaised. She seems to be happy enough and is eating as normal but drinking more frequently….but the vets confirmed her kidneys were fine.
    Anyway, recently, during this scary time in my home, she has started acting different. I now can't figure our if SHE is making me feel like there's something or if she's feeding off of my negative energy but both cats seem scared and won't stay in this room for long. The other one isn't so much of a clingy cat so I'm not altogether overly concerned as she seems generally fit and Healthy.
    The other one has been acting very strange to the point I've been worried she's possessed. She won't stay beside me for long before she jumps up and runs away. She seems to see things I can't and is constantly staring at the wall with green glowing eyes and like she's almost following something….she will continuously and repeatedly over groom herself which I though was something touching her in her sleep but have read its a sign of distress or stress/fear. Her eyes have been glowing red twice I've witnessed it but mostly her pupils are dilated sometimes to the point of both her eyes being black and glazed (even when i put a lamp on) giving a haunting appearance of being black and soulless. She just lays their and stares either into space or directly into my eyes and holds the stare…..yesterday I stepped in some clear gunge in the downstairs WC which also happens to be where the litter box is situated. For the first time ever, when I picked it up to go clean it, the entire underneath was covered in urine and all over the floor underneath.
    The final straw has been whiles all this has started happening in the last, approx 4 weeks, the last 2 nights she has had these strange body movements which definitely give the appearance of some sort of possession…..she isn't uncontrollably convulsing….its a sudden and very short but slow body movement where he whole body seems to twist and her right paw extends outwardly, her back legs seem to buckle somewhat until she rolls on her side and her body sort of starts doing a really strange twisting motion. Tonight it happened just before 3am. I was awakened by her howling at the side of my bed….her eyes were fixated on something at the foot of the bed. She wasn't responding to my calls to her buy her ears were going back so I knew she could hear me…..she continued to stare at the wall at the end of the bed….until again, she let out a yowl, rolled over from being in predator mode one minute to suddenly rolling slowly onto her back in this twisting possessed like motion with her paw extending upwards.
    Shes really unsettled and not able to sleep without waking up to keep grooming herself or to stare at things. It's all just came on so sudden although, I should mention that before this I have noticed her being quite twitchy in her sleep in the past but put it down to her dreaming but there has been a few ocassions where she has actually jumped up and out of her sleep with what seemed to be some sort of electrical jolt. I have noticed for a few years, her being quite twitchy and wondered if she had or could have in the future some sort of neurological problem but as I'd never seen her have a fit I haven't acted on it.

    I appreciate this is a really long message but I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether this sounds like something you have come across. Does it sound like it could be some kind of small seizure ? A stroke or a possession. It's really disturbing and disressing to see her this way… please give me your feed back on your thoughts xx

  4. Our vet is useless. Took cat in for breathing problems and said the cat is overweight and that's why its having breathing problems. Took cat in for an ear infection and third eye showing we had just cleaned the ear the night before and they didn't even swab the ear but did xray and blood work and see abmortalities but couldn't tell what caused them because cat wasn't eatting they only gave medicine to try and help cat eat. Cat got a little better but then got worst so took cat back again for the ear infection that I knew she had and the vet we had this time actually swabbed the ear and yes had a bacterial infection. Took the cat back for a follow up thinking the medicine wasn't working but apparently medicine worked and ear infection is gone but other problems aren't so got prescription for steroids to see if that will help fight the underlying cause. Cat went in next day to get head xray and had to be sedated for it and that night started having seizures hadn't even started the steroids. She has two seizures a day that we are aware of. We are expecting to put her down soon.

  5. Is this man a vet? Seizures and vomiting are not normal just as they are not normal for humans. Seizures are a symptom that cat is infected with parasites or virus. They corrupt the nervous system. Stress and excitation will set a corrupted nervous system into seizures. A strong cat will survive multiple seizures but the next one might kill it. There are antibody tests to determine what antibiotic is required to treat the cat. Seizures are manageable and preventable. Don’t have your cat suffer just because it survives seizures since you are compromising it’s lifespan. Don’t feed it sour milk or rotten meat since the taxiplasma parasite is transmitted through off dairy. Taxiplasma is zoonotic (animal to human transmission). It’s in your best interest to keep kitty healthy with frequent deworming and fresh food and clean litter boxes. Wear gloves when cleaning litter boxes. Seizures and vomiting are symptoms of poor health. Please treat your cat for parasites and viruses. If a vet can not find a cause for your cat’s seizures, chances are he is compromising your health because he might have shares in human pharmaceutical. Unhealthy cats produce unhealthy humans.

  6. RUNNING SCREAMING FRIGHT-FITS ! My 4 week old adandoned feral kitten, runs and screams, running into everything. It first starts slowly with weazing, then she freezes up stiff, weazing then starts thrashing about screaming and running and screaming. It's horrible. It's like the kitten is in a waking nightmare. I have to grab the kitten with a towel and hold it down as it will headbutt into everything as it's screams bloody murder. I've only had this baby one day and it's happened twice. I don't think this baby will servive , dam this is sad. They servived the heat wave living outside only to have this terrible issue

  7. I rescued a kitten who had a head injury. He was having seizures every hour or so, and couldn't see or hear. But after a few days on formula milk be was fine. No seizures and senses came back. For about 6 weeks. But the other day he couldn't walk – well only backwards, was miaowing and crazy staring, falling over and limbs waving around. It was like a minor but extended seizure. I wrapped him in a t-shirt and he went to sleep and woke up fine. I guess he still hasn't fully recovered from the head injury.

  8. THANK YOU, I looked beside me and my cat was shaking mysteriously and I started to worry..
    But it’s not my cat.. it’s my parents and we can’t go places and see a vet

    My cat was awake, and I was petting her and comforting her

    It was 30 seconds at least

  9. Hi, my cat keeps having seizures.. We adopted her from a shelter at about 5 weeks old because we felt sorry for her, she had an eye infection, pneumonia and she was also feral, so the shelter didn't think she'll get adopted. A few weeks after, she was recovering but had her first fit. Straight after the fit, she sleeps, then the next day she's zooming around the house playing. She's had about 5 fits in 9 months, and we have in the meantime taken her to the vet, they did bloodwork and neutering and found nothing, After her fit, she always sleeps, then again zooms around the house and plays. My question is, as she's fine after the fits, could she still have long term damage? And should I check with other vets?

  10. My daughter's cat just had almost all her teethe pulled. When she got home the cat had three seizures in an hour. The vet has no answers and didn't want to do tests. This was yesterday she's still ticking and her pupils are giant.

  11. I'm not even finish watching this but I already lost my cat. I lost 4 kittens in 3 days. All painful knowing I can't save them but this time, it is unbearable. Still, thank you for making an effort for this video.

  12. My cat has twitches and spasms to certain sounds. It’s called FARS…TOM and Gerry Syndrome, or Audio Seizures. Sensitivity to sounds. Spasms or twitching or both. My cat has them all the time. She has the general seizures once a month if I make a noise that sends her into one.

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