Smoking With Your Family & Friends (Wake and Bake America – The Dude Grows)

Wake and Bake America – The Dude & Scotty Real are hanging out & waking & baking & talking about how the fall of prohibition has opened up cannabis to so many more people including everyones parents, aunts, uncles and extended family want to try it and what we think a new cannabis user in 2021 might enjoy, the lack of actual cases of cannabis being laced with fentanyl and how fear is used to drive people, the green weed fairy being arrested in New Zealand for giving away free weed to medical patients & more on todays episode of Wake & Bake America.

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  1. I feel ya Scotty my wife’s family all smoke too but she doesn’t? On my side it’s me and a couple others but mostly very opposed to it. Funny how that works like only if they knew

  2. Embalming Fluid is PCP and mix it with weed is what was called Angel Dust back in the 70s and 80s maybe after I’m not in that scene anymore.

  3. Good video guys! I've always prayed to see 2 things since I was a young man, alien disclosure and legalized cannabis..I'm almost 55 y/o and low and behold the pentagon is finally releasing UFO files and come July 1st we get weed legalized in VA. my prayers have been answered! Just shows you should never give up on your dreams kids!! Thanks guys and keep on trucking..

  4. just had to worst experience with the owner of fish shit…called me a racist and referred to woman as broads…highly unprofessional…you couldnt pay me to use it again…people should beware of who they spend their money with

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