Stop CBD Scams From Stealing Your Money With Dr. Phil

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– Stop CBD Scams From Stealing Your Money With Dr. Phil

The Dr. Oz Show is an American daytime television talk series. Each episode has segments on health, wellness and medical information, including true crime stories and celebrity interviews.

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  1. I want to know where I can get DR OZ and DR Phil's pain cream. A while back they offered the cream and CBD oil packaged together. I stopped it and I am so sorry I did. I tried to find where I can reorder. The cream works great for me. The package cost was very reasonable. I Do Not endorse any products but I endorse this

  2. I dated a nurse once and she took me to a faculty party at the hospital. Every doctor at the party introduced themselves as Dr. whatever their names were. It was the most narcissistic and pretentious gathering I've ever been to. So, after a couple of those smug pricks, I started introducing myself like this…"I'm heavy equipment operator, Jay". Lol

  3. Im so grateful I seen this I've warned my mom before but of course she is my mom so she think she knows everything and I dont know near as much as her I've told her you have to be so careful ordering anything especially things that isn't regulated by FDA. My mom literally just bought me CBD gummies because she knows I have PTSD and paralyzing anxiety some days, supposedly she said it was through you both but mostly mentioned Dr. Phil and I believe Dr. OZ as well now I'm scared to death as if they are even real??

  4. I bought a hemp product supposedly endorsed by Olivia Newton-John. But the first time I took it, it laid me out on the floor for 6hrs unable to move, think or do anything. I have never taken illegal drugs and never been 'high'. If that is what 'high' is, then I don't want to even try it! But Hemp products are not supposed to have THC in them at all. So I decided to take just one drop instead of the recommended 4drops. Even one drop made me drunk, unable to think straight for the whole day. It was completely useless. If I had driven my car on the road I probably would have had an accident that might have injured or killed other innocent people.
    I was very upset because the purchase cost me a lot of money.
    I decided to dilute the product using coconut oil as that is a neutral oil. I discovered I had to reduce the active volume by a factor of 5 to get it to where I could take 4drops for pain relief without any undesirable side effects.
    If I drove with that product in my system and was pulled over for a roadside drug test, I would have had a positive result and been fined many hundreds of dollars and lost my licence for 4-6mths or maybe a lot more.
    I do still use it occasionally but only when I know I won't be driving for the next 2days since THC takes 48hrs to be completely removed from the system. I am in Australia and we have very strong laws regarding drugs and driving. And imagine if I had an accident and injured or killed someone? They or their family would have sued me for everything.

    However all of this goes to show that the gov't should get on with the job of legalizing the product and make it easy to get in this country so people like me don't have to buy it online and risk wasting my money on a rogue product.

  5. Not surprised the Dr.Oz & Dr.Phill shows are bought off by by BigPharma. Don’t use a natural plant based supplement. Instead use prescription pain killers or over the counter Ibuprofen or Tylenol, keeping the money in the hands of the 1%.

  6. I use Hemp Bombs and u can buy them in the store. They are very expensive. My Dr. was fine with it because I had to check with her first because I’m in congested heart failure but I wanted to stop taking pain pill and I wasn’t ed to cut down my muscle relaxers. I was on a decent dose of a narcotic for 18 years but it got really cold where I live quite fast and I was in agony I have 2 different myalgia’s and severe arthritis. It was so bad I couldn’t move my toes. I couldn’t stand on my feet I was in tears at this point. I had 3 kids n I never cried once! So my husband went and spend $50.00 on Broad spectrum CBD oil and I told him it’s not gonna work I was dead set against it but he begged me to try it and I did and within a minute 60% of the pain literally melted away and I could deal with the rest. I cut my pain pills down to the very lowest I can and 1 script can last me 2 months and I was able to make 1 muscle relaxer prescription last 3 weeks longer. My Dr. is so happy. I’m happy I feel better less tired more alert I used to be in nausea medicine every day I have quite a few health issues. I ran out and I didn’t notice till my daughter mentioned it. 3 months after the script ran out. All my other meds I have to take but I wanted to cut those 2 as back as I can and I was able to do that. But this company sells in stores. I did get 2 different kinds and one I didn’t take because they reprinted that label. I realized because I make my own skin care n stuff. I have a lot of allergies. I even make my own lip balm because I’m allergic to it from chapstick, blistex and EOS. I don’t know what chemical they all have in common but I’m allergic to it. I also have a lot of food and medication allergies. I’m allergic to Miralax. So I also do aromatherapy for my migraines anyway I noticed the bottle was way to heavy to be a 1oz glass dropper bottle. So I noticed the label was kinda crooked and these ppl made another label bigger then the original label and only gave a bottle half full! I wasn’t taking that and it was way to cheap to be real cause CBC oil is expensive. Very! But the only ppl I will buy from is Hemp Bomb. They also do muscle rubs similar to a Bengay . It works great. I wish it lasted longer but I always have that problem. But it helps wonderfully. They do have other forms of it but id rather the oil and muscle rub. That’s why I tried them is because I was able to purchase it in a store. However it is very easy to sell in a store. The FDA refugees to look at essential oil’s and herbalism as real forms of medicine. So the problem is it leaves a lot of things u regulated. And when something isn’t regulated it can get out of hand. I sell my migraine aromatherapy and I always put a warning that I’m not a dr. And u must always ask a dr before putting this on ur skin. I put an allergy warning and the health warning I cover myself and make it abundantly clear only with your dr. Convent should this be used. Essential oil’s are extremely concentrated and they need to be diluted. They are measured by the drop or gram. But I often get ppl who don’t read the ingredients, don’t read the product description or any warnings. I even send all the same things to them and nope it never fails I’ll get a message “ I just got the oil how do I use it?” And that blows my mind all the time. How do u just throw something on ur body or in ur air if diffused and not know what ur using? That really blows my mind. Ask a lot of questions if they do t know hang up! I also make soap at my house and I know a lot of ppl who sell wholesale making it at home. But most ppl pictures a big old factor and nope it’s me and my son or husband whom ever was helping that day. And these are sold in grocery stores , spas n so on. No one ever asks cause it was from the store. Or a store will order soap from me and not want it labeled and then they receive it and they put there name on it and sell it under there generic name meanwhile they never made it at all. Walmart does that. They buy from cereal from a big named brand and it might be a little faded in color or slightly disproportionate between marshmallows and actually cereal . What ever the issue it’s not up to the standards of putting there name on. So let’s say Walmart they say “ don’t chuck it, I’ll buy it and package it with our packaging and sell it with my name on it. So the cereal company still makes money and yet can write it off as if they discarded it and the big grocery store gets the cereal and packages it u set there name and sells it for almost half the price but it is still that popular cereal and no one knows. They are actually able to charge the ppl that care if it’s brand name n had the money to waist n the ppl who can’t buy that for there kid’s. And the are all eating the same thing! That’s why they taste the same lol that’s how it works there are makers and wholesalers and by the time something gets in the consumers hand ur paying 10 times what the original maker paid to make it. N it goes up the chain. So not enough is regulated or at least pop there heads in once in a while. I make bar soap n sell it I use very expensive food grade lye purchased at a very well known large chains for soap suppliers . I was scrolling through YouTube. Some women said to a soap maker on YouTube “ u waist ur money on that fancy crap, I go to the hard ware store and buy my lye.” I seen that n I said “ what are u talking about u can’t buy lye for soap making from the hardware store!” N she said “ ya I use Draino. It says 100% lye. So that’s why I use.” And I just lost it.” I told her the reason the FDA has a regulation that ppl have to distinguish between food sage body sage eye sage n so on is because less care is given to making the noninvasive products. Drano was not made to make bath products it’s not designed for that there are no safety processions that had to be followed! It’s allowed to be made with less care than lye that’s food safe! It’s like Herbs non food grade Herbs gets the chemicals and all that so no u can not eat them.but u can eat them when food grade FDA approved for consumption. I buy everything food grade n organic or as a tea cause that’s the same thing. But u can’t do that ur going to hurt someone “ she never answered back. But ppl please be careful. If there is and infomercial move on if there is a product that has to show u videos of ppl saying they live it. They are paid actors move on. I wouldn’t buy something on line to ingest unless I did a lot of investigation. It’s so important u know what u are putting in ur mouth!

  7. I saw an add for arthritis endorsement with Dr Oz and Meghan Kelly just a week or so ago. It was linked to an article saying she had arthritis and it had a photo of her on his show. I googled to see if she had any ki d of arthritis and nothing came up…It's a scam. The photo was from a few years ago and she was promoting a book.

  8. What do Federal Postal Service Laws say about all this? I thought it was against the law to victimize the public through the Post Office (for example Mail Fraud).

  9. When you cover a feature like this, you can actually reveal far too much which will in turn aid any potential scammers. I for one wasn’t aware there was such thing as a virtual office, which you can rent like any other office and tag into a website. This alone is something that needs to be looked at by authorities urgently because there’s no viable reason for a virtual office to exist. If you know anyone who’s signed up to a product that continues to debit their account monthly, don’t even attempt to cancel by phone. It’s a premium number and no action will be taken. They log your details and sell them to other companies/fraudsters. The only way out of this and to protect your account from future debits, cancel the card with your provider and get it reissued. Never make the mistake again and guard the new card number the same way you’d guard your wallet.

  10. My mom told me the other day she bought a “weight loss” supplement that Dr. Ben Carson promoted…she got all mad at me when I tried to tell her it’s a scam..

  11. Why are you not using your wife’s wonderful anti aging products Dr. Phil because she’s reversing her looks by ‘her products’ but you’re aging rapidly? Perhaps speaking with her plastic surgeon maybe on the cards (as long as you don’t mind a frozen face look!)

  12. Dr Scott Jenson A certified USA Doctor released a video on Facebook you people need to start hearing from other doctors not just the ones working for the governments wakey wakey and share this information to everyone you know because The numbers of covid 19 Presumed Cases were Wrongfully blown way out of proportion and there was never any real need for all the lock downs and closures and job loses that are destroying some of our Econimes In Certain Countries Well other Countries remained open and normal and are doing pretty well financially Whats going on in Canada were I live is basically the same as what this doctor is talking about thats happening with doctors in Canada the USA and elsewhere and The CDC And The World Organization And We Need To Have Prime Minister Justin Trudeau removed From Office as immediately as possible Justin Trudeau is very incompetent Hes completely Destroying Canada Resign Today Justin Trudeau Enough is Enough of You. This is what Dr Scott Jenson is saying the title Your Being Played
    Do You Understand What's Happening??? You Are Being Played.

    You Are Absolutely Being Played.
    Less Then A Month Ago On Inauguration
    Day In The USA The World Health Organization After conferring with the United States CDC came out with a two fold
    Directive in order to have less false positive
    Tests regarding Covid 19 throughout 2020
    Doctors And Hospitals And Clinics had been encouraged if not pressured to make the Diagnosis Of Covid 19 if We Thought it Was Probable or Presumed WE DIDNT HAVE TO
    HAVE A POSITIVE TEST. And the Symptoms were extremely broad based Cough Low Grade Fever Shortness Of Breath we see that alot with Colds With Allergy Seasons
    To Diagnose Covid 19 and thats why you saw influenza numbers plummet in March of 2020 So on Inauguration Day The World Health Organization came out and said #1
    Physicians And Hospitals And Clinics Should make certain that a patient with symptoms consistent with Covid-19
    Needs to have a Positive Test Matched up to that Syndrome Of Symptoms In Order To Diagnose Covid-19 Well you know whats going to Happen Thats going to Eliminate alot of the cases Cause No Longer is it going to Be enough to look at a patient thats got a Cough or Low Grade Fever its got to be Symptoms that are Consistent With a Positive test For Covid 19 The Other Thing That The World Health Organization Was Stongly encouraging was PCR testing Should No Longer Be Running At Cycle Thresholds at 40 44 45 IT SHOULD BE REDUCED into the realm of what we would normally use. PCR WAS NEVER CREATED TO DIAGNOSE A VIRUS IT WAS CREATED FOR AND ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PURPOSE
    Because we've been running the cycle so many times that in some studies it was Projected That Possibly 85% Of The Positive PCR Tests WERE FALSE POSITIVES.
    SUCH That 1000 people being told that they have Covid 19 IT WAS LIKELY THAT LESS THEN 200 OF THEM ACTUALLY HAD COVID-19 So there you have it two things happened on Inauguration Day THAT WERE VIRTUALLY GUARANTEED TO LOWER THE NUMBER OF COVID-19 CASES. ???? WAS It Politically Motivated Can We trust Politicians???? And Appointed Bureaucrats we've seen governor Newsom out of California say The CDC Says We Can Open Up The Schools And We Dont Have to have Teachers Vaccinated To Do So Safely we've seen New York Leaders say the same thing
    We've seen governor coumo come out and say Well If We Dont Open Up Schools Now
    There won't Be Anything To Open Up When We finally Do Alright I Think I've heard That Before WERE SEEING DATA PREVIOUSLY DISTORTED WILLINGLY NOW BEING TOLD DONT DO THAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR DARN NEAR A YEAR AND I AM DISGUSTED WITH THE KIND OF TREATMENT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE GETTING The Fact of The matter Is We Should Have Are Schools Open And Your Going To See governors and politicians now Sort Of Pandering To The Public Opinion
    There Going To Do Things And Their going to Run Victory Laps That They Didn't Earn
    Because What They Did Do And What They Caused Shouldn't Have Happened But It Did

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