The making of an Autoflower!

3.5 generations into this project we share the “segregating population sift” stage of our process with you! Basically… to improve autoflower genetics we need as much of the cannabis genome as possible to select from. By adding the auto-flowering trait to desirable photoperiod flowering strains we’re able to breed autos with a full tool chest! It takes 4-5 generations to make a photo into an auto and it’s a lot of selection! This 4th generation project started with 300 individuals and we’ll end up using seed from 3-4 to initiate the 5th generation. Overall it’s likely that over 2k seedlings will have been sifted through in the making of a Carmel Cream Auto seed lot that’s ready for the world! It’s wrought with hard work, failures and successes but it’s exciting and rewarding to make the dank easier to grow in your basement, garage, closet, field of dreams… or your backyard next to your tomatoes even if you’ve got an early fall! Video by @zakpowersmusic

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  1. Call me old school but for myself regular non-feminized photoperiod genetics. I am really puzzled but understand why people grow autos or female genetics. All the talk in our community about non-gmo plants/genetics what do you think those are???

  2. All these Potter so-called breeedersthink they can do it in two or three as far as I am concerned if I would put my name on any strain auto or not five should be min maby eaven seven to adjust the pheeno to where it should be I will never spend money on a seed that is not at least a 3

  3. I'm trying to cross blue dream with kandy kush. Candy crush is a giant fast growing red bleeding crappy tasting indica. I know if I crossed it with blue dream or some kind of good tasting cheese then you got a giant plant with a great flavor. Help

  4. I started out in hydroponics back when Nancy Reagan said no and I said f*** you. But I've been growing in dirt hadn't gone back to hydroponics. Yet but due to space and temperature control I'm thinking about it again. How does autoflower work in hydroponics?

  5. Yes this is hell of a process to achieve,,, I choose the elvis royal auto flower very strong rud strain. Crossed with 5 of the wild landrace Male plant. Some were huge 35 days to show gender on 24 hr lighting. Some short some blah blah blah. You get the point. So now I'm growing them showed 24 days 12/12 seed start. The smells of dank skunk peppermint fruits citrus . Another week,or 2 for these to finish up. Next is to get a Male from these new breed then hunt down a strong one foot auto flower.
    Keep crossing auto flower to cannabis back and forth.
    Keep growing and showing

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