The Plane The Drinks and The Xanax Los Angeles Day 1 [Ts Madison]

girl we are out here in La doing Us and OMG travel was insane! listen y’all run down to and Get you some of this good CBD HEMP ROLLED GARS that’ll get you right! use my code MADDIE for 20% off your purchase! FATHA GAWD lol

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Written by TsMadisonHinton


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  1. All this was funny but… you didn’t even buy first class. I thought you didn’t fit into a first class seat .. you wanted to make it seem like they didn’t try to help you out. Or like you wanted special perks for being an internet celebrity…

    You should have just paid for first class… wealthy people don’t deal with that stuff or complain without paying. You also wanted special treatment and acted as if an injustice occurred… like, i love you but come on….

  2. Glad Xanax help you fly, but with drinks. I'm high. I'm high lmao. I just ordered the purrocannagars with your code. Don't work to hard on this trip, but get done love ya a fan.

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