The Top 7 Pain Relief Creams

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The best pain relief creams and gels for arthritis, soreness, stiffness, nerve pain and more! I have tried all kinds of pain relief products through the years and here are the ones that work the best:

Arnicare Gel:
Rocky Mountain Fractionated Coconut Oil (use with Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil and Peppermint Oil):
Blue Emu:
Palma Christi Castor Oil:
Icy Hot Medicated Patch:
Receptra Targeted Topical Cream:

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  1. I'am Your Newest Subscriber I Got Blue Emu Today It Is 19.99 A Walgreens I Got Mine Free With Over The Counter From My Health Insurance. Hope It Works Iam Glad It Is MADE IN USA Tennessee Not CHINA. My Lower Back Hurts Often I Will Find Out How Good It Works Tomorrow

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  5. I have pain down the side of my leg as well~ I've been using KT tape for years, on both my leg & various other places that hurt. I figured if it works for athletes, it must help. It does!

  6. My back really feels stiff and painful. In my try to have a remedy in my trouble, Personally I have tried many guidelines however to no avail, no one have been able to help. On the other hand, employing this particular back ache guidebook, Kenzano Ayb (Go ogle it), was able to cope with my back tightness considerably. I achieved much ease and comfort because of it. I recommend highly this particular guide book..

  7. Hello I have 2 questions 1. I have biofreeze cool the pain gel and activ on topical analgesic which one is better for pulled muscles 2. Which one is better for pinched nerves please get back to me

  8. Cindy why do so many pain sites omit UltraStrength TigerBalm And skinners salve? I tried BOTH biofreeze gel and Ultra TigerBalm (during warm baths), and have found them to be neck & neck. I'm a severe pain victim, so i'm the acid test. For years, while in bath, I'd also do this sequence: Dip palm in Warm bath-water. Then release 2 drops eucalyptus oil & peppermt oil onto watery-palm. Then rub the Oil-Water into my pain areas. Then immerse in bath. As for my back, ONLY the Eyxformula easy lotion applicator (without the pads) works for me. But its flimsy junk!! I release eucalyptus oil drops (or TigerBalm) onto the applicator, spread the oil onto applicator w/finger & apply to back. BTW i never tried Skinners but a friend mentioned it.

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  11. I have been using Jungle Naturals Emu Oil Cream Maximum Strength for muscle and joint pain and it works very well to relieve pain, smells great and makes my skin smooth and soft as well. I bought it on @t.

  12. Smart smart smart. Thank you!

    Scrolling through vids about pain relief topicals, while massaging Zim's Max Freeze: Advanced Formula Muscle and Joint Pain Relief, Cooling Gel with Menthol. Phew! Mouthful. This is a new one for me. It does work, however, they mean it when they say "Max Freeze"! NO ICE PACK WITH THIS!!! It stays cold for a good amount of time.
    If you don't like that icy, menthol feeling, don't use this!
    Edit #2. "Massaging" the gel into my lower back, hips and mainly wrists. Wrists still cold as ice after 50+ minutes.

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