The Truth About Versed Skin Care

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The BEST Drugstore Moisturizers:

The Best Sunscreens for Dark Skin Tones:

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  1. omg?? i just did a small skin care haul at the drugstore and was using all my new information from you and when I was reading the ingredients of some of the "Versed" products (which i had never seen before), I was like holy shit?? this is so good for a drugstore product??? and grabbed a few items from them. AND LO AND BEHOLD you've made a video about Versed and you APPROVE.
    TLDR; I'm learning from you and it's working!

  2. When do you add the retinol?? In the day? Night? After face wash? How many times apply? Do I apply before moisturizer? I what order does it go??

  3. You are so professional and fun, I enjoy your videos a lot. I would like you to talk about Fulvic Acid and Ezymes, as well as probiotics on the skin please, I don’t fully understand how they work. Thanks a lot

  4. I ordered their cleansing balm online before watching this and their website lists all the ingredients. I got it in part because they did not list polyethylene or PEG as an ingredient. Is their products from their website formulated different than in Target?

  5. Really good ingredients, especially like that Just Breathe Clarifying Serum, but for the concentrations of what is inside..its a bit overpriced 4 me hun. (1.06$ Niacinamide and 0.02 Salicylic Acid? like come on!)

  6. I was very excited to use Versed's sunscreen but I immediately hated it. It was incredibly hard to spread around my face. I felt like I was kneading dough with my face to spread it around. I am too used to using korean/japanese sunscreen. Also Hyram, can you do a video about Perricone MD, Acure, Shiesido, and Sunday Riley? Thanks!!

  7. Ok, but I LOVE that cleansing balm! It's a dream for my dry skin, my makeup melts off my face and i feel like I'm at a fancy spa with that eucalyptus scent. It's the first cleanser I've actually enjoyed using on a long long time!

  8. Hyram would you use the Versed On the rise in the AM or PM? I'm using it in the PM but with what you said about the protectant factors maybe it should be in the AM.

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