The Use of Cannabis for Athlete Health and Performance

Join the Exercise & Sport Science Initiative (ESSI) for a seminar focused on the use of cannabis for athlete health and performance. Experts will discuss how cannabis is currently regulated in sports; why medical cannabis has been proposed for use in treating chronic and acute pain, as opposed to other treatment strategies; how CBD and THC affect mental and physical health and athletic performance, both positively and negatively; the molecular mechanisms of how CBD and THC work; how THC and CBD get metabolized differently depending on how they are administered (e.g., topical, oral, or inhalation); and where the future is headed in terms of the use of medical cannabis in elite sports.

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  1. A drug is a foreign toxin that the body shouldn't be taking .cannabis and cannabinoids are in the human body so it's %100 natural for us humans to use .the laws they have made have always been illegal

  2. Cannabinoids are in cannabis and they are in the human brain
    so that means it's not a drug because it is not foreign to the human body fact! That defeats it being classed as a drug or making it illegal at all

  3. It's in the feed from where you could get side effects from .are you people trying to wind me up go and look where the feeds and pesticides come from look up the brand then you will see the link to mental health .

    If they put tons of harmful metals into plant feed for you to get really sick and you are forgetting that key part .then that tells me you are not educated enuff to talk about cannabis .

  4. Lets talk about that lab created fentanyl and where that really comes from i.e the police goverment labs .the goverment has replaced heroin with fentanyl let alone that they are lacing everything with fentanyl .those labs have

  5. These demonic madmen need to be stripped of all power and stop the harm from the big pharma asap! . opium & cocaine are shipped in by big pharma by the tons look it up .these drug dealing devils are making big money from our suffering

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