Tink Green-cheeked Conure & Our Experience Giving Her CBD Oil

Tink has a neurological damage, which is why she was given to us about a year ago. This means that she can’t use her feet well or fly. That was fine, but then she started having seizures, which I didn’t even know what was happening at first.

This lead us to add CBD oil for birds to our product offerings- hemp oil for dogs and cats. The CBD oil has been great – Tink’s seizures really lessened or disappeared. We had another GCC, Sunrise, who also had something wrong with her, so we put them together because they didn’t do well with our other GCC.

Sunrise and Tink were adorable and so loving with one-another. They cuddled up, preened each other and were bonded.

Join me as I talk to you about Tink, about how she’s doing, other than the seizures (we give a drop or two in her mouth of CBD – however, the seizures have gone away in the last few months since she was ill during the holiday, so I’m not giving her any now).

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  1. My parakeet recently died after flying head first onto a window. He suffered a concussion and the vet told me he wouldn't last long and died a couple of days later while sleeping.

    His name was Nigel and was a bird I took in as a rescue after it landed on my lap one day while i was at a barbecue. He was in bad shape and looked like it had been attacked while it was out in the wild. He was a little different from my other birds as he always kept to himself, loved to explore the house, would often stare out at the window and have this look of pain in his eyes like his time being out in the wild had been rather traumatic especially because if no one bothered him sometimes he would stay stationary for long periods of time. My flock really misses him as much as i do.

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