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  1. It is not normal Foodie…. You can rationalized as much as you want but at the end of the day you are fooling only yourself, nobody else. You are delusional , pathetic , sad human being.

  2. PLEASEEEEE DO NOT normalize binging!!! Wtaf!! There are younger ones that watch you that struggle with this shit & haven’t totally given up like you have. Just because you’ve accepted this garbage as “normal” DOES NOT MEAN u should be encouraging others to do the same!
    THIS IS NOT NORMAL!!! None of it!!!
    If you are struggling mentally or with an eating disorder PLEASEEE DO
    NOT listen to this girl! Turn her off! Keep fighting & don’t give up! There ARE people out here rooting for you!
    You need removed chantal. Your lack of concern for anyone else and completely ignoring your responsibilities as a public figure is deplorable!

  3. Regarding your belching and farting and waving your arm fat around for an audience of 1,000s, this interesting article from NY Times dated Dec 27 might explain why people react so negatively to you:
    “How Disgust Explains Everything: For psychologists who study it, disgust is one of the primal emotions that define — and explain — humanity.”

  4. Just for perspective:
    – Regular Skor McFlurry (without added oreo pieces, fudge, and caramel)
    540 cal. / 21g fat / 81 g carbs
    – Ranch chicken snack wrap with crispy chicken (without extra cheese)
    310 cal. / 14g fat / 31g carbs (not a bad choice on its own actually)
    – Double filet-o-fish
    570 cal. / 30g fat / 53g carbs
    – Regular poutine (assuming you got a regular, and not including extra cheese)
    870 Cal. / 37g fat / 113g carbs
    – 2 boston cream donuts
    380 cal. / 18 g fat / 50 g carbs
    – Large coke
    280 cal. / 0 g fat / 77 g carbs
    Total: 2,920 cal. / 120g fat / 404 g carbs
    I can't imagine how you felt waking up after all of that. I was feeling gross just watching. It's one thing to just want to eat what you want, but this is more than what most people eat in two days.
    I started watching your channel because I wanted to see you succeed in your health goals, but now I watch you as an example of everything not to do. I really hope that you get the help you need to turn your life around before you regret wasting it all away.

  5. "it’s normal to do bad things sometimes". Key word being SOMETIMES. You do it all the time.
    And you’re such a horrible liar too. Maybe it’s because I used to lie a lot when I was younger because I didn’t want to get in trouble for not doing the things I was supposed to, but I can recognize those lies a mile away. You’re so unbelievably transparent it’s laughable and embarrassing. The latest lie: you couldn’t take BBJ to the vet because you COINCIDENTALLY scheduled her appointment at the EXACT same time as Peetz therapy appointment…which we already know is online…how are you not absolutely mortified to lie about something that’s so easy to disprove? You should be studied in a lab because I’ve never witnessed this level of incompetence in someone your age. And you can’t say you "changed your mind", this is a straight up lie.

  6. You trying to convince yourself that you are "normal" is hilarious. There is NOTHING normal about you! The way you live, the way you care for your well being, your relationship. You are a 40 year old toddler that lives in filth!

  7. Toxic relationships are not NORMAL nor is child molestation. U can NOT defend the undefendable!! Anyone who prays on children and takes their innocents away in such a vile fashion deserves to b marked for life! Do some research, these freaks can not b curred and the vast majority continue to re-offend throughtout their lives. Anyone who defends them is as equally sick!!!!!

  8. Sealing your own fate to the delight of your viewers. You have access to resources that will help you turn your life around, but you refuse to utilize them. Your health will hit a critical decline that won’t be reversible if you don’t take action soon. Don’t you want to see your 40th Birthday?

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