Video #1 CBD Oil for Cancer Leukemia Lab results Oct 2016

US Gov. Obtained a patent in 2002 for CBD to be used as a medicine. They site several research trials as to why they request this patent.

The Chemotherapy alternative. In April 2016 I was actually too ill to even make a video I started taking CBD oil but it wasn’t good quality it kind of made me nauseous then I found a company This company uses a high pressured extraction process and it’s the highest purest quality of CBD Gold oil you can buy. They provide analysis of the contents.

I cannot believe the difference right now my appetite has improved my glands are no longer swollen . that extreme fatigue completely gone and the best part I don’t have the chills fever feeling either! my red blood cell count has returned to normal. In this video we decided to add THC at night only one drop in some water or food and sure enough it is improving by the day -I feel the difference. I am so lucky to live in a state for this is legal. I cannot believe there are people that live in a country the United States where the stuff used to grow wild & they can no longer get it now because of the laws.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your testimony… I've got CML(Chronic Myeloid Leukemia) highest WBC I've had so far was (238) 238,000 last year. It's normal for me to have a WBC of 30-40,000… The Dr's at MD Anderson have been trying to figure me out since 2012 when I was initially diagnosed. I wonder how the oil would affect me. My red blood cells are normally stable. I'm currently on a oral chemo called Bosulif. I've been through the other five nibs and this is the last opportunity to stick around with the living. I've tried other natural remedies, but my bodies so sensitive to everything it usually over reacts and I end up with an extended hospital stay. I'm glad to see you're getting positive results!

    God bless you!

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