What is a Garage Sale? Schaumburg Illinois Souk, What's it Like Living in America? MorAcro in USA

What is a Garage Sale? A type of flea market where residents sell things right in front of their homes. Mor Acro visits with his mom and Andreja Jernecic. The Timbercrest garage sale is a yearly event and celebration that has been going on in Schaumburg Illinois for over fifty years. A variety of second hand items can be found for sale including kitchen appliances, children’s clothing and toys, VHS, DVD, CBD cream, fishing tackle, golf equipment, decorative art, video games, Christmas lights, books, old iphones and even some lemonade.

Some people look for treasures to resell online on popular websites like ebay. This reminded me of the markets of secondhand goods outside the Souk el Had in Agadir, except it required a lot more driving to get around.

More details about the Schaumburg garage sale can be found here:

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  1. Doesn't make sense to have a yearly garage All the same time in the same neighborhood. A garage enthusiast couldn't possibly go through 25 a day.
    Andreja is getting bigger by the day. Happy for you guys!

  2. I think it'd time to call for a live conversation that we can chat with you as well as your mom and wife about the trip? and how was your mom's feeling when you decided for the first time to visit Morocco as it is not known that much by americans, I used to live in Marco island Florida and when ever I invite American friends they were like scared to go to Morocco, they think it's like Afghanistan or something hahahaha.
    Some of them used to ask me if we have Marlboro in Morocco!??? Some others think that we don't have roads at all!!!???
    So the mission you did, it's very important, it's a win win, you make our country and culture to be widely known by Americans.
    Good luck brother!

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